Children’s Craft Christmas Tree Snow Globe
November 11, 2019
DIY Glitter snow globes as a fun Christmas activity for kids

Children's Craft Christmas Tree Snow Globe

A Christmas tree snow globe is fun to play with and even better to make with your kids! These are slow moving and double as a calming jar {more on that later}. If you are looking for some fun ideas to keep littles occupied this holiday season we've got great Christmas kids ideas for you today for Day 9 of the 12 Days of Christmas Inspiration.

Christmas tree snow globe kids activity

I'll break it down pretty simply and answer all your snow globe how-to questions.

How Do You Make An Easy Christmas Snow Globe?

First you start out with the right supplies. Here's what you use to make homemade snow globes:

Christmas tree snow globe supplies - Salt Lake City, Utah Party Stylist

Christmas Tree Snow Globe Supplies:

  • Clear container with screw on lid {mason jars or plastic container}
  • Distilled water
  • Mini bottle brush tree
  • Super fine glitter
  • Fine glitter
  • Holiday glitter confetti
  • Glue gun
  • Clear School glue
  • Optional ribbon or washi tape

How Do You Make Snow Globes For Kids?

Easy supplies for a Christmas tree snow globe

The best way to make this fun Christmas activity kid friendly is to switch your container to a plastic one. Less chances of broken glass and glitter-glue-water everywhere. Trust me. You do NOT want this to happen. I speak from experience.

Otherwise everything else is the same. You can get a little more elaborate with the inside scene with older kids. Younger kids are better off with a single bottle brush tree.

How Do You Make Glitter Snow Globes?

Glitter mix for a Christmas tree snow globe

With GLITTER of course! And we love glitter. Follow these easy steps for a Christmas tree snow globe activity your kids will love!

What kind of glitter do you use for snow globes?

I'm glad you asked because you'll want to use a few different sizes to the biggest impact. The larger the flake the faster it falls. Having 3 sizes gives your snow globe lasting visual interest.

  • Superfine Glitter – iridescent sparkles
  • Fine Glitter – silver or blue
  • Confetti glitter – Christmas tree shapes, snowflakes, snowmen, etc.

Choose your color scheme. I loved the blue snow globe we did, but this silver one turned out beautifully too.

Adding glitter Christmas tree snow globe - Salt Lake City, UT Party Stylist

Adding confetti to Christmas tree snow globe

What Is The Best Type Of Liquid To Use For A Snow Globe?

The magic of the snow globe is the “snow” or glitter inside that when shook,  swirls and floats back down. Adding liquid to your container is the best way to achieve that look. Although there are some “dry” options for kiddos. Here are a few liquid options for you to consider:

Christmas tree snow globe with glitter

Adding Water To Your Christmas Tree Snow Globe

Water alone will not cause the snow to float very long so you'll want to explore a few additives.

  • Water/Clear School Glue: My favorite, used in snow globe shown above. I already have the clear glue from my many slime making parties and it's easy to use, clean up. It has no scent, and poses no threat, except to carpet IF spilled. We use 1/3 cup glue to really slow the glitter down. Otherwise a 1/4 cup will work fine.
  • Water/Glycerin: We already have glycerin on hand for play-doh making so this is another simple ingredient to try but it's on the expensive side and I'd rather save it for other projects. If you do use it you'll need approx 2-3 tsp per globe.
  • Water/Corn Syrup: You'll want to use approx 1/2 cup corn syrup to 1/2 cup water. It works just the same as the glycerin.
  • Water/Soap: Clear hand soap can also be used as an additive in the same 1/4 cup to 1/3 cup ratio as the glue. The only thing I don't like about the soap are the extra bubbles created when shaken.

Adding Oil To Your Christmas Snow Globe

I haven't tried using oil yet, but I will and get back to you. If you do want to try it, use mineral oil {baby oil}. Which you shouldn't actually be using on a baby by-the-way! 

How Do You Make Snow Globe Water Clear?

Using distilled water is the best way to keep your water from turning cloudy. But you will want to test your materials before sealing your Christmas Tree snow globes or you might end up with discolored water.

Dollar store bottle brush trees are often sprayed with a tinted coating that bleeds. Any true metal and plastic bottle brush trees are fine. {The Dollar Tree white trees worked great – green ones, not so much}

Make sure any accessories are water safe. No paper based products will work.

Fill With Liquids and Mix Well

Christmas tree snow globe stirring up

Once your glitters are added to the jar, fill it up 1/2 way with warm distilled water, pour in your glue and stir well. You can always add more glue so start with 1/4 cup and see if you like the way the glitter falls. If not, add a little more. Then top it off with water leaving a little space at the top for the tree.

Test and Seal Christmas Tree Snow Globe

Christmas tree snow globe kids activity

If you love the speed of your “falling snow” now's the time to glue your lid and seal it up tight. You can decorate the cap with ribbon or washi tape at this point.

Christmas tree snow globe kids activity

Now flip it over and show off your snow globe to the world! Believe it or not there's a little white bottle brush Christmas tree in there! It takes several minutes for the glitter to all settle and it a fantastic tool to help calm a toddler or preschooler.

Just have them watch the glitter fall until they see the tree and they'll be much more relaxed by the end. They might not yet be reasonable, it is not a magic snow globe after all! But if you can redirect their attention, they'll usually stop crying. You're welcome!

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Christmas tree snow globe kids activity

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Until tomorrow my friend,

Halfpint Design, personal headshot, Bri Adams


  1. Jackie

    Kids love snow globes this will be a great project to do with them, maybe I’ll do a winter themed one!

    • Brianna Adams

      You can really do them for any holiday. A valentine’s one would be cute too!

    • Brianna Adams

      My kids really liked these and we still have them out for them to play with when they are feeling bored. So fun.

  2. Angela

    How many oz.’s is the mason jar?

    • Brianna Adams

      They are around 8oz. These are plastic ones so they are little safer for the kids to play with. I snagged them at Dollar Tree before Christmas but you could easily repurpose a food container with a screw lid and do the same thing.

  3. Beth

    One of my daughters has a snow globe collection! She needs to add this to it!

    • Brianna Adams

      This will be so fun for her! She can make any design she wants! We have loved these.

  4. Natalie Mayhew

    These are so pretty! You have so many good ideas!

    • Brianna Adams

      Thank you so much! It’s a great winter activity for the kids.

  5. Lori

    This is a really fun craft idea!! I love snow globes!

  6. Sarina Kinnunen

    These jars are soo pretty Bri! I love glitter! I’m sure my kids would think these are great!


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