Darling Cactus Valentines Day Cards
January 23, 2019
Printable sheet of cactus valentines day cards for download

Cactus valentines day card with mini ball point pen in front of cactus art

Darling Cactus Valentines Day Cards

Darling cactus Valentines day cards today to make you smile! We are full steam ahead over here in the Valentine's department. I need something to keep me going during the doldrums of winter now that all my Christmas decorations are put away. I'm also totally obsessed with cacti as I plan a baby shower for my niece next month.

Cactus Valentines Supplies

Cactus valentine cut printable with mini ball point pens

It doesn't get much easier than this:

Free Cactus Valentines Day Card Printables

Printable sheet of cactus valentines day cards for download

There are TWO sizes of cactus valentines day cards available. The smaller one fits 4 to a page, the larger one only fits 2.

  • PRO: The larger size looks better with the pens and is the one I went with
  • CON: It takes twice the amount of paper and printing. SO if you are printing a lot, cost can be an issue, now you've got the smaller cards to work with.

The names are also editable in Adobe Reader. Make sure you open the file up in Adobe Reader if you'd like to add your child's name.

Or you can keep it blank and make your child write their name 30 times. It's good practice but gets old pretty quick. I figured I'd give you a choice.

You're welcome.

Have a Cutting Party

Easy and fun cactus valentines with ball point pen to stay on point

You can cut these easily with scissors but as a recovering perfectionist I'm in love the straight lines from my rotary paper cutter. It's also super safe so the kiddos can help you cut them out. I suggest having the adult place the paper and lock it down, then the child can slide the cutter. My kids LOVE it and my 8 year old daughter is old enough now to do it all by herself.

Slice the Dotted Lines

Cactus valentines day card with mini ball point pen

The printable comes with dotted gray cut lines. An ADULT needs to carefully slice each cut line. It takes a minute but it's not too bad. The cuts are the same length on both size valentine but extend beyond the cactus on the smaller ones.

Slide in the PensSeveral cactus valentines day cards laid out on a wooden table

Add the pens now and you're all ready to go. The tabs can rip if you're rough so this is a great step for older kids. 6+ We've got over 100 of these to make so you better believe she's going to help assemble the rest! We've got the class party at school, a party at church, and a party in her dance classes…..that adds up to A LOT of Valentine's! Thank heavens for the dollar store!

Need a Cute Box?

Llama valentine box kit for cactus valentines days cards

Creative Valentine boxes have become increasingly over the top and I kind of hate them. I mean, I should love them, because I love getting creative, but I don't. So when I spied this darling llama box at Walmart for just a few bucks I totally snagged it. We may not win an award for creativity, but it's super cute, does the job, and was assembled in less than 10 minutes. Boom!

Display Your CreationCactus valentines day card with mini ball point pen in front of cactus art

Okay, so maybe this cactus Valentine isn't going to be displayed, but maybe I'll use it to create a fun little art print. What do you think? I'm loving the succulents and this shadow box art I picked up at Hobby Lobby. So excited for the Cactus baby shower. Oh and I picked up this cactus paper at Michaels if you are wondering.

I hope you have a wonderful time preparing for Valentine's and that these cactus valentines day cards make you smile as much as they've made me. If you make them, snap a pic, and share it. I'd love to see all your hard work. And if you're looking for a boy valentine….I've got you covered there too with these Awesome Car Valentines Printables. Happy Valentine's Day!!

Pin it for Later!  

Darling Cactus Valentines with fun free printable

Additional Valentine's Reading

Until next time my friend,


  1. Danielle Scheer

    I really like this cactus valentine printable, but I cannot seem to find a link on which to click and download. Can you email it to me? Thank you.

    • Brianna Adams

      Check your email. I’m so sorry it’s not working. I’m going to take care of that right now. Thank you so much.

  2. Becky Mongelli

    I cannot find a link to download.
    The email I received was just a spam email 🙁

  3. Holly

    I love those pens! Perfect for the cactus valentine!!

  4. Jackie Walter

    What a cute classroom valentine! I’ll have to show my daughter this one as an option!

  5. Brends

    This cactus valentine is adorable. Plus I’m rather cactus obsessed myself 😉 Love those mini pens in the card.

  6. Caroline

    ADORABLE! Just love these cards, and you can find those cute valentine pens everywhere. Cute idea!

  7. Emily

    These are adorable! And they go great with the llama Valentine box! So cute!!

  8. Carolina

    No give me some cacti for Valentines!! I am totally getting these for my girls!! Super cute!

  9. Vonetta

    These are adorable! My classroom theme for this year is cacti, maybe I’ll give these to my kiddos.

  10. Mom Life Optimized

    This is such a great idea! The pens from the $ store along with the play on words with the cactus is such a great idea.

  11. Jen @Jenron Designs

    These are such cute printable’s for Valentine’s Day, I imagine you can do a funny adult version too with a custom saying to effect about not being a prick, or something LOL

  12. Lori

    I love cactus anything!! These are so cute & I especially love the shadow box idea!!

  13. Fiorella

    This is so pretty! It’s a lovely design and smart with the pen included.

  14. Susan

    Bri these are such cute valentine printables ! I adore them.

  15. Sarina Kinnunen

    This is such a fun idea!! Isn’t the dollar store the best?! I find so many fun things there for parties etc!

  16. Waking Woolslayer

    These are adorable. I love punny Valentine’s and the little pen is something so cute. I’d keep it in my purse for those moments I can never find one!

  17. Tracy @ Cleland Clan

    These are so cute! I love that the mini-pens are from Dollar Tree. At 12/$1.00, I can afford to get them for all of my junior high students. Thanks!


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