Dollar Store Succulent Wreath Tutorial
February 19, 2019
dollar store succulent wreath tutorial showing where to add color

Dollar store Succulent wreath tutorial - wreath hanging on post

Dollar Store Succulent Wreath Tutorial

This dollar store succulent wreath tutorial is the perfect blend of budget and style. If you know me, you know I love a good deal and I'm betting you do too! These faux succulents require ZERO maintenance and look great year after year. If you've been thinking about creating one for yourself, now's the time to dive in!

February Pinterest Challenge

Succulent wreath on wood surface - pinspiration for succulent wreath tutorial

This month's Pinterest challenge project was Inspired by this pin from Dollarista on the Dollar Tree Blog. If you're new to the concept, Erlene from My Pinterventures encourages us to stop just pinning great ideas, but to actually do something about it.

It's been so much fun to push myself and be creative when I would have otherwise thought I “didn't have time”.  How many times have you felt like that? Just pick a project, get the stuff and work on it when you can. But a deadline sure helps get it done!

Succulent Wreath Supplies

supplies on table for dollar store succulent wreath tutorial

First you'll want to gather up all your supplies. It's no surprise all the ingredients are from the dollar store!


Dollar Store Options

I love saving money, consequently, I've got a love affair with dollar stores! There are lots of different options around the country but my two favorite places are Target's Dollar Spot and Dollar Tree.

Dollar spot faux succulent for dollar store succulent wreath tutorial

Target Dollar Spot:

I scored the larger succulents at Target and was thrilled to have stumbled upon them during my weekly pilgrimage. You ALWAYS hit up the Dollar Spot before you start shopping. That's just a given. If you don't check it out typically, I'd encourage you to think ahead and really dig around.

Positives: They have SUPER CUTE stuff. Love the party and decor pieces for current trending themes.

Negatives: It comes in early and runs out quick. If you see it, BUY IT, cause it won't be there the next time you go. Not just $1, they've added $3 and $5 items as well, which are fabulous, but you WILL fall in love with the higher priced decor and the budget can quickly go out the window.

Potted faux succulents for a succulent wreath tutorial

Dollar Tree:

I start here first when I'm planning any event. There's so many options and amazing ways to save. The potted succulents are great quality and fly off the shelves immediately. I missed them last year and decided to order a box when I saw they'd come back in stock, JUST so I'd have them on hand. It was a great excuse to make this wreath!

Positives: They have a wide variety of products relating to trending and classic themes. You can order case lots online if they run out. And they ship to store so you don't have to pay for shipping.

Negatives: Supplies go quickly and you have to shop at least a month prior to any holiday or event to get the best pick. Online shopping is available BUT you have to order LARGE quantities and the products change seasonally so you never know what's available.

Step 1: Prepare the Wire Form

Wire wreath form filled with moss during a succulent wreath tutorial

Now that we've got all our stuff ready, let's dive in! As is typical of a DIY project, you often don't know what to expect. For example, hot gluing the succulents directly to the wire doesn't give you enough support. {trust me!} Instead, start with a base of Spanish Moss {or any kind of moss} to provide a framework for gluing.

If you have a grapevine wreath form this step isn't necessary. But I prefer the finished look of the wire wreath better so it's worth the extra step in my opinion.

Step 2: Trim Succulent Wire Stems

Trimming the stems of faux succulent for a succulent wreath tutorial

Next, trim off stems using your wire cutters. Leave between 1/4″ and 1/2″ to give yourself something to glue. WARNING: If you are using a grapevine wreath form you'll want to keep the stems longer.

Step 3: Add Large Succulents

succulent wreath tutorial showing how to space large succulents

After that, you're ready to place your plants. Start with the largest succulents first and evenly space them in either thirds or quarters. Mine weren't the same size so I gave the largest one a little more space. It doesn't have to be perfect.

succulent wreath tutorial showing succulent placement for best color arrangement

Now that you've created your quadrants, space the next color grouping of succulents. These are similar in size but different in color so they are comfortable right next to each other.

Spread out your color

dollar store succulent wreath tutorial showing where to add color

While working on placement you'll also want to consider the shape and texture of your succulents, mixing up smooth and spiky options.

Step 4: Place Smaller Succulents

Cluster smaller plants in a succulent wreath tutorial

Now that the main body of the wreath is filled you'll want to cluster the smaller succulents to cover remaining large openings.

Filled in gaps with smaller plants during a succulent wreath tutorial

You can see there are still some areas of moss showing, but it's too small for another succulent.

Step 5: Add Floral Filler 

succulent wreath tutorial showing finished wreath

As a result, greenery will be your best friend! Snip leaves from spring floral stems to fill in any remaining gaps, cover exposed wire, and fill out the circular shape.

Step 6: Secure the Back

Hot glue stems on backside during a succulent wreath tutorial

Now that the front is finished, pat yourself on the back and carefully turn the wreath over to the back. You'll notice the plants are a little wobbly. If you want this succulent wreath to hold up for a few seasons take the time to add a pool of hot glue to each stem and stick it to the nearest wire.

Step 7: Wrap Outside Wire with Moss

succulent wreath tutorial showing Spanish moss on back of form

For a nice finished look you'll want to wrap that outside wire with moss. If you used less succulents and the center wire shows through you might want to wrap that one too.

Step 8: Give it a Hair Cut

succulent wreath tutorial showing the need to trim the Spanish moss

The last step is to clean up any rough edges. The Spanish moss can be a little unruly so giving it a final “hair cut” to remove any wayward strings is a good idea. Check the front and sides for stragglers and loose pieces.

Display and Enjoy! 

Succulent wreath tutorial made from Dollar store supplies

Wrapping it up, I had so much fun putting this succulent wreath tutorial together for you! I hope it's helpful. I can't wait to show you photos of it in action for the Cactus Baby Shower I'm hosting!

Want to share?

If you make your own Succulent wreath I'd love to see it. Please share any photos to bri{at}halfpintpartydesign{dot}com. Check out the rest of the fun Pinterest Challenge projects below and if you'd like to join me on this creative journey and start MAKING some of those awesome Pinterest ideas you can also sign up for next month.

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Until next time my friend,

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  1. EJ

    Love this wreath! And the Target Spot & Dollar Tree are my faves to shop at as well. I will be making this wreath soon. Thank you.

    • Brianna Adams

      I’m so happy to hear that! It’s such a fun project and so affordable. I hope you have fun. Thank you so much.

      • Mose

        So how did you apply the moss to the frame? I tried with glue gun but it would not stay. How do you recommend attaching the moss so it’s nice and thick? Thanks

        • Brianna Adams

          I did hot glue it on in layers so it stuck to the wire form, and then subsequent layers stuck to each other. You could try floral wire to attach in places and then glue over the top to create a more natural look.


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