Ideas for Dinosaur Party – Best Theme for Kids
February 8, 2023
Ideas for Dinosaur party food table

Ideas for Dinosaur Party The Best Theme for Kids

How many ideas for dinosaur party details do you need when planning an amazing birthday? This post has everything you need for an incredible event. The best part is that's it's a featured party by a real mom just like you and I'm thrilled to share it.

Dinosaur party cake ideas by Salt Lake City Party Stylist

“Two-Rannosaurus Rex” Dinosaur Birthday Party

Mom and Baby dinosaur birthday party

I love sharing the stories of real moms! When this birthday boy turned TWO the Dino lover deserved the best Two-Rannosaurus themed birthday party ever! Hosting a party at home has some benefits, especially when the backyard is a child's dream come true with sand pits and play structures!

Ideas for Dinosaur Party Decor

Dinosaur party decor

But that didn't mean mom ignored the inside of the house. There are some really fun and easy ideas for a dinosaur party you can use in your own planning.

Like adding a balloon garland to the mantel, a custom graphic in front of the fireplace and 2 large inflatable dinosaurs + 1 helium balloon to greet guests. I used the same long necked brachiosaurus for our Prehistoric Dinosaur party a few years ago.

Get the Look:

Simple Centerpiece Ideas for Dinosaur Party

Dinosaur birthday party decor

Another great decor idea for a dinosaur party are these fun dinosaur terrariums placed throughout the house. The dinosaur toys turned photo holders are another simple and affordable piece of decor.

Ideas dinosaur party for kids decor

Using plates or large glass vases you can set up different types of dinosaur habitat “terrariums” like this one.

Get the Look:

Toy dinosaur photo display

Using additional toy dinosaurs simply use a fine tooth saw to cut a straight line into the back of the animal and insert a photo. If the photo wants to curl, back it with card stock for a firmer hold. Though you'll need to increase the width of the cut to accommodate the paper.

Get the Look:

Tyrannosaurus rex party poster

This hanging printed poster is another awesome piece of party decor! And do you spy the hanging dino toys in front of the windows? Add an eye hook to the back of more dinosaur toys and hang them like a mobile from the ceiling.

Then use command hooks to hang the poster from a dowel.

Get the Look:

Ideas for Dinosaur Party Food

Ideas for Dinosaur party food table

When it comes to themed party treats – you can do a lot with dinosaur food!

Get the Look:

  • Spray paint letter balloons a mossy green and attach blue zig zag paper strips to the sides
  • Paper Mache dinosaurs {got mine at Target years ago}
Ideas for dinosaur party treats

Decorate your own cupcakes with green frosting “grass” and chocolate frosting “mud” then top with Toy dinosaurs, chocolate dinos, and candy bones and eggs.

Get the Look:

Ideas for dinosaur party cookies

Dinosaur fossil cookies, use clean Toy dinosaurs to press into each cookie, then bake and dust with cinnamon using a clean paintbrush.

Dinosaur party cake ideas

Make a simple cake worthy of a roaring good time! This chocolate cake with Oreo frosting is delicious but was plain.

An easy solution is to drizzle melted chocolate on top with crushed Oreos and rock candies on top. Add a few Toy dinosaurs around the edge of the cake on top of more crushed Oreo and rock candy. Then top with a custom “Two-Rannosaurus Rex” cake topper that mama made on her own Cricut.

But you can find an option here with a “Two-Rex” topper and perhaps ask someone if they'd do a custom for you.

Ideas for Dinosaur Party Activities

Dinosaur Party Excavation Activity

Dino Dig activity for birthday party

When you have an incredible sand pit in the backyard, a Dinosaur dig activity is a MUST DO!

Ideas for Dinosaur birthday party activity

Mama set up a station outside with all the dig equipment in small tool boxes, printed dinosaur fossil pages, footprint identifiers, and personalized Paleontologist name badges.

The first 3 trays were full of stiff play dough and allowed the little ones to create footprints and fossil marks in the dough with Toy dinosaurs.

The last tray held fossil “eggs” that each chid was able to excavate with little tools.

Dig Site Paleontologist Equipment Box

Ideas for dinosaur party excavation kit

The Dig Site Equipment boxes held the following:

Dinosaur birthday party excavation journal
Dino skeleton excavation kit

“Dinosaur Excavation Kit” label {custom order from Shop}

Create a Dinosaur Habitat Activity

Dinosaur party ideas habitat box

A great indoor activity for your party guests it to create a dinosaur habitat. Or send them home for fabulous party favor. Grab a plastic bin with large dividers and fill it up with fun options.

Ideas for dinosaur party activity for habitat

Use the extra items from the Dinosaur terrariums you made as decor.

Get the Look:

Dinosaur Art Station

Dinosaur party ideas coloring pages

Offer up coloring pages, paint with water books, dinosaur stickers, and dinosaur stamps.

Get the Look:

Ideas for Dinosaur Party Favors

In addition to all the fun things your guest will dig up in the Dino Dig activity, you can send them home with additional goodies to keep the budding paleontologists excited for a weeks to come!

Ideas for dinosaur party favor table

Color a few of the coloring pages and add them to the wall as decor. Use a T-Rex foil balloon as an accent and set out some fun plastic pails with a few more treats for home.

Get the Look:

Dinosaur party ideas cups and stuffies

There'a A LOT of ideas for a dinosaur party in this post so if you've gotten this far your mind is probably reeling! So take a breath and make a list of your favorites. Then take one idea at a time to bring to life for your little paleontologist.

If you try any of these ideas, I'd love to hear about it in the comments below. And if you share photos, I want to see it too! Please tag us @partieswithacause on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. We love celebrating all your hard work! 

Then join me, your Healthy Hostess for better-for-you holiday and party foods. Grab your free food substitution guide as the first step in your next healthy holiday.


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