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January 29, 2017
Halfpint Design birdcage logo

Halfpint Design, personal

Hello Blogland!

I’m Bri Adams and there's a new party in town! I’m here to introduce the newest idea place for children’s party planning, say hello to Halfpint Design. {Hello!} Halfpint Design is dedicated to streamlining the party planning process. Making it easier for you to pull off a memorable birthday party with less stress and money. I’m an interior designer by profession with a passion for events. As a mother of three beautiful kiddos, children’s birthday parties have a special place in my heart. My hope is to share design tips and my event coordination experience with YOU so planning a headache free party is a REAL possibility! People have had a few questions for me as I’ve discussed this idea with friends and family over the last year. I’ll answer a few of them here for you and you can read the rest of my history on the About Me page if you’d like to know more.

Why the name Halfpint Design?

I got the nickname Halfpint in Junior High from a very dear friend of mine. It reminds me of Laura Ingalls Wilder on “Little House on the Prairie” and makes me smile. It is the name of a small jar and I am only 5 feet tall so I am a small person. It sort of just fit! So, when I think of my company and my brand, I know I want to cater to children. I want to design parties for children and families. I love designing bedrooms and nurseries for children and infants. And I have a pie in the sky dream of designing my own line of nursery bedding someday in the future.

Because little ones are my inspiration, it seemed fitting to use my “little halfpint” nickname as a banner for our work here.

Halfpint Design, personal

What’s up with the bird?

So I’ve heard if you have to explain your logo, then it’s not very good. But I knew a little mascot was essential here at Halfpint Design. I love birds. They have always inspired me. So much so I feel the peacock is my spirit animal! Birds are intuitive; they know when to leave a potentially dangerous situation and are unapologetic when they do. They head south for the winter seeking warmer climes, which sounds amazing to this Salt Lake girl right about now! But mostly I admire them for making music, just because they can. Which reminds me of the quote:

I just want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares.”

– Saul Bass

Halfpint birdcage logo


I hope people DO care. I hope I am able to touch your life and enrich your relationships with the halfpints you love. But if at the end of the day no one notices, I will still be fulfilled. I will be a little disappointed, but I can still be happy. The desire to create is innate in all of us. We show it in a million unique ways and that’s what makes us great. I love that this world is a collection of talented and amazing people working together and achieving incredible things. I’m excited to get to know more of you amazing people in Blogland and see if we can grow together.

And my favorite question from the naysayers is:

How is Halfpint Design any different from all the other party blogs out there?

Now this was a tough one. The answer to this, or lack thereof, held me back from this day for many years. I felt as a trained interior designer that if I spent time building up a blog, it should be about what I do: commercial design. Well, it turns out that I’m not very passionate about writing about commercial design and not that many people are too excited to read about it either, so I never gave it much of a shot. I am passionate about events however, and I constantly find myself giving tips and advice to unsuspecting victims. When I gave myself permission to dive in to the party side, the ideas started to come. It's been all I can think about for months and months and I'm so excited {and a little sleep-deprived} to share it with all of you. But I still haven’t answered the question…

I might not be alone in the party-planning niche, but I am the only ME. So that makes it unique. Dr. Seuss said it best:

Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

I founded this business with three guiding ideals:

  1. I say no to licensed characters, limiting the quantity of characters used and featured. I'd like to bring classy back to children's parties and engage our children's imaginations again.
  2. I say no to dessert buffets and offer menu ideas for each of my themes. American children consume way too much sugar {49 pounds a year on average!} and party planners are part of the problem. This is NOT a popular stance in the party world, but as a health conscious Mother it matters a lot to me and I hope you'll support my stand.
  3. And I say heck NO to a second mortgage in order to afford it all! When did the party become more important than the child? The keeping up with the Jones' mentality is disturbing. And far from making our children feel special, they intuitively understand that it's not really about them. Make your child the star of the show.

I am not aspiring to plan parties for the rich and famous like so many event coordinators. I

Party expense, budget, no second mortgage

Sweet sixteen party – Alyce Paris

like it down here in the real world and want to make our parties fun and memorable. All

the parties you see here will be done BY real people FOR real people. Nothing will be staged. No actors will be hired. There is an unattainable precedence set by some of these parties, like somehow THIS is normal and should be our goal regardless of the need for a second mortgage. I don't know about you, but even my parties don't look like this!


Because so much emphasis is given to party design these days you probably feel some pressure to make it perfect. I know I have. You may even feel judged by other parents and neighbors when it’s not. I think you should STOP! I think we should all stop. It doesn’t matter whether your event is Pinterest worthy. Gasp! {Yes, I just said that.} I want Halfpint Design to make you feel welcome. Let's share our successes AND our failures. What really matters is whether you and your child(ren) make great memories together.

I happen to have a talent for being able to see things and pull them together. But if that’s not the talent you have, you might need to “let it go”. {Totally singing in my head right now} You probably have talents I only dream of having. And that’s how it’s supposed to work. We all have something unique to offer. Mine happens to be in design, organization, and coordination for other people.

Nobody's Perfect!

When it comes to my own house and life, I’m a total mess! But a happy mess. I’ve embraced it and acknowledge my shortcomings. We eat take-out more often than we should. I’m 10-15 minutes late for EVERYTHING. I have a cleaning lady who saves my bacon twice a month, and it looks like there’s a hoarder living in my basement. {She actually lives upstairs in my room!} But I have a wonderful husband who pitches in when things get crazy and three kids who remind me what life is really about. We should be joyful and I agree with the KonMarie mantra to cut out things that do not give us joy. Parties give me joy and I have embraced it! If parties are nothing but stress for you, join me here at “the new party in town” and let’s reevaluate that together.

Family picture, Halfpint Design

My life is not perfect, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I’m ecstatic to be joining you, so “Hello Blogland!” It’s been a long road. Halfpint Design still has a few kinks to work out but I’m here and I’m SO happy to meet you.

Til next time,







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