Floral Lantern Centerpiece Tutorial
June 19, 2018
Adding flowers to the blue paper lantern for a Wonder Woman themed floral lantern centerpiece tutorial.

Wonder woman party display with blue paper lantern filled with flowers and topped with a crown for a floral lantern centerpiece.

Floral Lantern Centerpiece Tutorial

Is it just me or is it TOUGH to find great looking centerpieces that still fit your party budget? For this month's Pinterest Challenge I created a floral lantern centerpiece for a Wonder Woman themed 40th birthday party to have maximum impact for minimum dollars. {You can read about why I ended up planning my OWN party here!}

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Summer Pinterest Challenge

White paper lanterns with hydrangeas and branches

Welcome to the June Pinterest Challenge Blog Hop, hosted by My Pinterventures! This month, I chose to create a budget friendly centerpiece. If you are new to the idea of a Pinterest Challenge, the idea is to not only pin great ideas, but actually MAKE them! I found this pin for a paper lantern centerpiece when searching for “budget friendly centerpiece ideas”. I loved the concept of these lanterns from Linen Tablecloth and went to work making it my own with a Wonder Woman theme.

Floral Lantern Centerpiece Supplies

Blue paper lantern, gold paper ring, plastic cup with floral foam. Supplies for a floral lantern centerpiece.

Base supplies:

 A collection of red and gold flowers and blue ribbon for a floral lantern centerpiece.

Pro Tip: When shopping for flowers you want the best quality you can get for the lowest price. I constantly shop Michaels end of season floral sales and pick up anything I might use at 60% {or more} off and often wait til I have an “additional 20% off your entire purchase” coupon. If you know you have a party coming up this year, pick a theme and start checking out the sales NOW. These flowers are actually from an after Christmas sale.

Floral Supplies:

  • An assortment of quality artificial flowers & leaves: Michaels
    • Red Hydrengeas
    • Red roses
    • Gold rose
  • Ribbon: Michaels
  • A few accessories:

Step 1: Center Support

Plastic cup filled with floral foam wired to metal insert for a floral lantern centerpiece.

Ok, so I'll be honest and say that this was the step that was most tricky. Finding something that would fit inside the lantern was tough. I eventually opted for a plastic cup. I used a mini hole punch to create a hole on either side. Then threaded the wire through and attached it to the metal lantern form. Fill the bottom cup with floral foam and you're ready to go.

Step 2: Add Metal Form to Lantern – With Cup

Blue paper lantern for a Wonder Woman themed floral lantern centerpiece.

Getting it INTO the lantern needs to be done slowly but it's possible. Just make sure you tuck the ends of the wire in so you don't tear holes in the paper as it goes in. I didn't get a shot of the top so you could see how it sits but the cup is just below the top opening.

Step 3: Add Flowers

Adding flowers to the blue paper lantern for a Wonder Woman themed floral lantern centerpiece tutorial.

Now you'll want to trim down your flowers and start adding them one at a time. I created a mini bouquet first to see how I wanted it to look so I knew where to place the flowers. This lantern takes 4 stems of large flowers to fill the opening. Although, if your flowers are smaller you will need additional stems.

Pro tip: If you are making several centerpieces please count up your stems and divide them evenly so you don't run out!

Step 4: Insert Greenery and Ribbon

 Red and gold flowers with blue ribbon in a floral lantern centerpiece.

You want to make sure the flowers are balanced and the top looks nice and full. Hydrangeas are great for filling up the space. Peonies, cabbage roses, and mums are also large blooms that make a statement. When you are happy with the flower placement, add a few greenery stems and ribbon accent. I just created a little accordion with the wired ribbon {similar in look to ribbon candy}, wired it together and trimmed the ends.

Blue paper lantern filled with silk flowers in red and gold on navy sequin table cover as a Wonder Woman themed floral lantern centerpiece.

Having the flowers be slightly smaller than the widest portion of the lantern creates a great proportion. Allowing the leaves and ribbon to hang down aids in balance. I created this feathery accent using the gold leaves that came on the gold roses. Simply cut a portion of the leaf and snip it into strips. It reminded me of Wonder Woman's lasso of truth.

Step 5: Create a Base for Balance

 Blue paper lantern with red flowers on sequin table cover for a floral lantern centerpiece.

You may notice the gold ring at the base of the previous photo. That's because THIS happens as you add the flowers. It's top heavy and will fall over. But a simple card stock ring allowed the lantern to sit straight.

Gold glitter cardstock taped into a ring as the base for a floral lantern centerpiece.

I cut gold glitter card stock that matched the cupcake toppers into 1-1/2″ strips. a 2″ strip might even be better.

How to tape the inside of the gold glitter ring for a Wonder Woman themed floral lantern centerpiece.

Then taped it and added another little bit of paper to the inside to help it hold the circle shape. Otherwise it just bends at the seam and creates a teardrop shape instead. Once taped in place, use your fingers to shape the reinforced seam into a nice smooth circle. You won't see the inside so it doesn't really matter that the words or tape are showing.

Step 6: Floral Lantern Centerpiece – Finishing Touches

Paper eyeglasses and gold glitter crown in a Wonder Woman themed floral lantern centerpiece for a Wonder Woman party

Accessories have always been my favorite so adding the final touches to ANYTHING makes my heart happy. To showcase the Wonder Woman theme we added eye glasses cut on my Cricut Explore Air 2, and gold superhero tiaras from Oriental Trading.

It reminds me of a favorite quote from the new Wonder Woman movie by secretary Etta Candy,Image from Wonder Woman movie of Gal Gadot in glasses for Wonder Woman Party post

Really, specs? Suddenly she’s not the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen?”

Makes me laugh every time.

Step 7: Set up the Table and HAVE FUN!!

Wonder woman party display with blue paper lantern filled with flowers and topped with a crown for a floral lantern centerpiece.

Table set with gold and star plates and floral lantern centerpiece for a Wonder Woman birthday party

The tables were beautiful with this floral lantern centerpiece but more importantly all the guests had a great time. See all the details and sources for this Classy Wonder Woman Party.

Wonder Woman is a great theme for little girls up to adult women. There's a universal appeal to the strength of women, the belief that peace is possible, and the power of love. For more great Wonder Woman party ideas we suggest some additional reading:

Until next time my friend,

Halfpint Design, personal headshot, Bri Adams

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  1. Nathalie - Press Print Party!

    What a fun challenge! Hum… I guess I’m going to have to actually make some of those Pinterest pins and join it one month. How cool.

  2. Erlene

    I’m going to have to steal this idea for party centerpieces. The lanterns make a big statement and it’s so easy to customize for any theme. Pinned.

  3. mommyhon333

    My stars your pinspiration and your interpretation are both adorable. We just decorated for my daughter’s wedding celebration (they married in Vegas then a few weeks later had a celebration). I wish I had seen those lanterns when we were looking for inexpensive table decorations. Will keep your idea pinned for upcoming birthday centerpieces!! So precious.

  4. Kelley

    These turned out great, and it’s a great theme. Your centerpiece hits the spot perfectly to convey Wonder Woman.

  5. Holly Hulke

    What a creative way to use lanterns!!

  6. Lori

    This is such a fantastic idea!! It’s so festive and such a great way to repurpose decorations too!

  7. jsparmo

    I’m in love with this idea for a centerpiece. It can be used for so many themes. The centerpiece looks awesome! What a fun party!

  8. swood97

    Your centerpiece is super cool and what a fun idea for a 40th birthday! Love it. I never would have thought to use the Chinese lantern this way.

  9. Kelli

    There are so many possibilities for these. As a teacher, I’m thinking all things that have to do with high school moments. Also great for back yard center pieces…maybe a little tealight (remote?) in the jar. Great work. Love it!

  10. rebecca0810

    This is such a clever idea! Well done!

  11. Debrashoppeno5

    This is so clever. That is an excellent tip about picking the theme so you can take advantage of the sales and coupons.

  12. Gail

    What a very unique and creative idea for a birthday celebration! Looks awesome and I’m sure everyone was impressed with the centerpieces and decorations!

  13. rawsonjl

    Such a cute centerpiece idea! I know that Wonder Woman is so popular now with lots of my friend’s girls. I could see these at a lot of kids birthday parties. Pinned.

  14. Sew Crafty Crochet

    This centerpiece looks amazing! I love Wonder Woman, and you did a wonderful job on this! I love the crown and the flowers.

  15. Kristie Cook

    How fun! I love that you had a themed birthday party for your 40th. I wound up doing nothing special for my 40th, but maybe I’ll make up for it this year! Wonder Woman is the best! 🙂

  16. Habiba

    I love your party theme and I know of a friend of mine, who would go bonkers if we were to throw her a Wonder Woman party tomorrow. Great post.


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