Christmas Advent Story Book Calendar
November 12, 2019
Christmas tree books

Christmas Advent Story Book Calendar

Having a Christmas Advent calendar each year is a family tradition. We've started collecting several of them but our family favorite is this Christmas Story Book collection. For Day 10 of the 12 Days of Christmas Inspiration I'm sharing our list of favorite Christmas books with you! There are more than 25 so you can pick and choose.

Let's talk a walk together with each of the titles.

Christmas advent story book calendar

A Book A Day

We are BIG readers in this house and Christmas is no different. Looking forward to our Christmas book at the end of each day is a precious moment. Although I will admit there are days we read THREE books to catch up! But no one ever said this would be perfect.

How-To Christmas Advent Story Books

All you need to do is:

  • Select your 24 books
    • The library has a great selection if you are just starting out
    • Or follow along to see our recommendations on books we have loved and download our Christmas Story list with links to each book below
    • Or if you are already a VIPP then check out the Parties With A Cause Printables Library for a copy.
  • Wrap them up in wrapping or kraft paper, or even use newspaper
  • Add a number with marker, paper, or stickers
  • Take turns unwrapping and reading a book every night in December until Christmas

Better World Books

I use a company called Better World Books for all my book buying. They sell used books to keep them out of a landfill and every time you order a book, they donate a book to someone in need. They are a business doing good that I like to support. You can learn more about them at Better World Books.

Affiliate links are provided for your shopping convenience. By clicking and purchasing, I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you. Please see my full disclosure page for any questions. Thanks for being here so we can continue providing awesome party ideas that do better!

Christmas Tree Story Books

Christmas tree books

The Little Christmas Tree: This is a sweet little story about NOT cutting down a tree and enjoying the beauty in nature. There's a cool 3D pop up at the end and that even lights up. My kids LOVE this one.

A Wish to be a Christmas Tree: This tree is sad because he doesn't get cut down. Makes me laugh a little but the message is a good one. We all have our own part to play and everyone is important.

Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree: This is a cute story about a man who has everything and isn't pleased with anything. A story of gratitude for the little things. {click for image}

Christmas Stories With A Message

Books that teach a message for a Christmas Advent

A Christmas Carol – Geronimo Stilton Version: Okay, here's where I admit that I have a 9 year old daughter obsessed with Geronimo Stilton. I've got the real version of the story on here too…but if you are trying to get your child interested in reading, this is a great series for them.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas: This is a MUST have for the Christmas Advent. Another misfit with a bad attitude has a change of heart. Literally. The Grinch realized Christmas isn't just about the gifts.

Mix of funny and touching Christmas books

The Christmas Morning Gift: A sweet tale of farm animals wanting to give their best for their Christmas morning guest. A story of sacrifice and grace.

Christmas Oranges: A story of an orphan girl and her first experience with an orange at Christmas. We get a peek at life with disappointment, harsh rules, and loving kindness. Makes me cry every time!

The Christmas Train: This true story of a boy and his train, learning to share and be kind is a great lesson for children.

My Penguin Osbert: Be careful what you wish for is the moral of this story. Sometimes we don't know what's good for us but in the end we can learn responsibility and how to make tough decisions.

Christmas Story Books About Santa

Books about Santa for Christmas advent

Santa Claus: This New York Times Best seller is amazing. We love all the interactive pages and fun tidbits about the Santa's life and the North Pole. There's even a recipe for Mrs. Claus's cookies!

How Santa Got His Job: It takes you through Kris Kringle's life and all the odd jobs he had to prepare him for the biggest job of all – Santa Claus.

The Night Henry Ford Met Santa: Perfect for the car enthusiast on your list. A story of how Henry Ford got the idea of the assembly line from the elves in Santa's workshop. A little Christmas and a little history.

Santa's Reindeer: This is a companion book to “Santa Claus” and has the same flaps and interactive pages. It's a new addition to our library and I know my kids will love it.

T'was The Night Before Christmas: This vintage looking version has beautiful illustrations of this beloved poem from Victorian times.

The Polar Express: Do you believe? This story walks with a young man trying to decide where he stands and his adventure that leads him to always believe. {click for image}

Younger Children's Christmas Advent Books

Fun and silly children's Christmas books - Salt Lake City Party Stylist

Where is Baby's Christmas Present? This lift the flap book is great for littles who are just starting to explore their books, although it's also still fun for my preschooler. The anticipation of the flaps holds their interest as baby looks all over for her/his present.

Pocket's Christmas Wish: Pocket is a curious little bunny who just wants to understand the meaning of Christmas. We follow him along his journey as he discovers the answers.

Children's Christmas books

Baby's Very First Noisy Book for Christmas: I'm a big fan of these Usborne noisy books for little ones. They do have sound though so don't pack them for church or a waiting room, but it'll keep your little one entertained for quite some time.

Bear Stays Up For Christmas: This is such a cute little story about friends who don't want Bear to miss Christmas so they wake him up and get him involved in all the preparations.

Mickey's Christmas Carol: This simplified version of the classic tale is perfect for little ones. You still share the message of loving and giving is a way that holds their attention.

Books About The Nativity

Books about the manger at Christmas

O Little Town of Bethlehem: BEWARE This little book plays music BUT it's been fun to sing along and read through the lyrics of the song. This is great for little ones as well.

Room For A Little One: This book also makes me cry every time! Such a sweet story of welcoming inclusion, even when we aren't supposed to be friends.

The Missing Christmas Treasure: A sweet boy is searching for his favorite Christmas decoration and he can't rest until it's found. The real meaning of Christmas.

Mortimer's Christmas Manger: A little mouse finds a little house just his size and decides to move in, until he hears the story of the manger and realizes who's house he's in.

Christ Centered Books on Santa

Nativity and Christ centered Santa books for Christmas

Santa's Birthday Gift: Like my favorite Christmas painting, I love mixing up the tradition of Santa with the true meaning of Christmas. The illustrations in this one leave something to be desired BUT the story is a worth a read.

I Believe In Santa Claus: Before the fateful “conversation” with an older child, or just as a family Christmas discussion. The book points out the many parallels between Santa and Jesus Christ.

Books About Jesus 

Books about Jesus make great Christmas books

I'm Trying To Be Like Jesus: I love this little story about the kindness of Jesus and the beautiful example he set for us to follow. Lovely illustrations.

I Know That My Savior Loves Me: Jesus loves the little children. The illustrations in these books are incredible, showing Jesus with a little child on every page.

The Life Of Our Lord: Charles Dickens wrote this book to share a simplified version of the life of Christ to his children. It's been a wonderful book to read together and discuss as a family.

Adult Christmas Advent Books

Christmas books for teens and adults

A Christmas Carol: And here it finally is. The REAL one. This is a great read for anyone 10+ but you might want to talk it over after they read it. Or better yet, read a chapter a night as a family and discuss it all together.

The Innkeepers Wife: This book shares the rest of the story of the night Jesus was born. It's a fictional recreation of what could have been seen through the eyes of the Innkeeper's wife who acts as midwife to Mary.

and just to be silly…..

The Golden Girls T'was the Night Before Christmas: I haven't actually read this book, so I hope it's appropriate! But it seems such a funny topic mash up that I had to include it. I may order it for myself this year. But if you get it – let me know what you think!

Basket full of books marked for each day counting down to a rustic woodland Christmas

Do you already have a Christmas Advent tradition? I know we did. But adding the Story Book Advent Calendar was a great decision for our Christmas celebration. I hope you found a few classic titles you love, a few new suggestions, and a desire to read this holiday season. If I missed any of your favorites please add them to the comments at the end of the post!

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If you are just joining us, welcome! Here’s what you missed:

Until tomorrow my friend,


  1. Nathalie - Press Print Party!

    My kids love reading the same books year after year. Some great suggestions we don’t have here. Thank you.

    • Brianna Adams

      I hope you found a few that you like. I check some out at the library and also purchase a few each year so we can rotate. It’s been fun to discover new ones for us too.

  2. Beth

    This is a great idea to lead up to any holiday or even a birthday!

    • Brianna Adams

      OOOoh I love this idea for birthday too! What a special memory. Books are a really important part of our nighttime routine.

  3. Natalie Mayhew

    Absolutely love this idea! Educational and sweet all at the same time!

    • Brianna Adams

      Reading books every night is a family goal and this make it so easy and special to do all season long. Thank you so much!!

  4. Lori

    What a cute holiday countdown idea!!

    • Brianna Adams

      Thanks Lori! We really have fun as a family reading the books together and I love adding and switching out some of the books each year to keep it interesting.

  5. Sarina Kinnunen

    How fun! My kids would love something like this!

    • Brianna Adams

      Kids usually enjoy any chance to read so why not make it part of the celebration!? It’s a great one. Thank you.


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