Apple Sandwiches With Peanut Butter and Granola
August 4, 2021
Apple sandwiches rolled in granola with sprinkles

Apple Sandwiches With Peanut Butter and Gluten Free Granola

Apple sandwiches are a FAVORITE at my house! We have really cut back on our bread consumption as my health improves with a gluten free diet, but removing the “sandwich” staple makes lunchtime tricky. These apple sandwiches fill the gap perfectly! So, if you are looking for more easy to make, healthy after school snacks this one is for you!

Apple sandwiches rolled in granola with sprinkles

Apple Sandwiches Simple Ingredients

Ingredients for making apple sandwiches

This is a SIMPLE snack made with very easy ingredients you probably already have on hand.

  • Apples – we prefer Honeycrisp apples for their firm crunchy texture and they are slower to brown than other varieties
  • Peanut butter – or nut butter, SunButter alternatives
  • Granola – We typically purchase gluten free granolas but any granola will work
  • Sharp Knife & cutting board

The fancy stuff – not necessary but makes it more fun

  • Sprinkles are optional but fun for a celebration {I used the sprinkles from our mermaid party, minus the shells}
  • Cupcake corer comes in handy for making perfect circles {and for adding something tasty to the center of a cupcake or muffin later}

Cut Slices for Apple Sandwiches

Apple slices on cutting board

First you'll want to wash your apples. I like using a produce spray from Trader Joes to remove any dirt or potential pesticides before we eat any fresh fruit or veggies.

Once they are clean and ready to cut, you'll want a decent sized knife to cut all the way through the apple for a nice smooth slice. Make sure you are cutting straight across the top of the apple, totally opposite from how you usually cut them. Think equator instead of longitude.

You should be able to get about 6 slices from one large apple and make 3 full apple sandwiches if you use the top and bottom pieces.

As I mentioned before the Cupcake corer is SO not necessary, but really comes in handy when you want to make a nice little circle. I use it on our Apple Donuts, for fresh pineapple slices, and filling actual cupcakes.

Slather on the Peanut Butter

Apple slices with peanut butter

If you are a peanut butter fan, this is your moment! You go ahead and slather on as much peanut butter as your little heart desires. But as you are shopping for peanut butter, look for a variety with less than 3 ingredients and no added sugar like Adams.

Our family safely enjoys peanut butter but I know that's not the case for many. If you need an alternative there are tons! You can try:

  • Almond Butter
  • Cashew Butter
  • Nutella
  • SunButter – nut free
  • Cookie Butter – nut free, but not healthy at all!

Fancy Apple Sandwiches

Apple sandwich rolled in granola

If you want to make your apple sandwiches fancy you've got to dress up the outside. Continue spreading peanut butter onto the sides of the apple sandwich once the two halves are together and seal up the seam.

Now is the time to add something fun!

Apple slices with peanut butter and granola snack

Choose your favorite granola and use the side of a glass or rolling pin to break up any clumps. We especially like using crushed Cashew Clusters from Costco, but if you aren't feeling granola, a little flaked coconut and shaved dark chocolate turns this snack into a yummy dessert.

Good After School Snacks

Finished apple sandwiches on white platter for back to school party

If you've feeling a little saucy, spread your peanut butter into the hole a bit and use it to hold some sprinkles in the middle. Or you can add sprinkles to the edges just for kicks. Who says healthy after school snacks for kids can't be fun!?

I hope you love these apple sandwiches as much as my family does. They've come in really handy after school and sports more times than I can count. And I enjoyed making them this year for our Back to School Party to celebrate some fun educational milestones.

If you try these I want to see! And if you share, please tag us @partieswithacause on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. We love seeing all your hard work and being able to celebrate with you!

If you try it out, let me know in the comments below. And if you share, I want to see! Please tag @partieswithacause on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. We love showing off all your hard work and are so happy to be part of your celebration.


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Healthy kid snacks Apple Sandwiches

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Apple Sandwiches

Gluten free sandwich snack for after school or Back to School party
Prep Time30 minutes
Total Time30 minutes
Course: lunch, Snack
Cuisine: American
Keyword: after school snack, back to school, gluten free, healthy treat
Servings: 3 Sandwiches


  • 1 Honeycrisp apple, any firm apple
  • 1-1/2 Tb Creamy Peanut butter* or allergen free alternative
  • 1/4 cup Gluten free granola
  • Optional sprinkles


  • Clean apples with fruit spray to remove any dirt or pesticides
  • Pour granola onto a plate and use a large spoon or rolling pin to smash any clumps
  • Cut apples into circle shaped slices across the center, you should get approximately 6 slices per apple
  • Using a knife, tiny cookie cutter, or cupcake corer press the center cores out of each slice leaving a nice round hole
  • Pat the apple pieces dry with a paper towel and lay your slices out into pairs
  • Add peanut butter {or alternative} to every other round and top with remaining apple slices. If you want to add sprinkles or granola to the center, let the peanut butter fill in the center hole a bit.
  • Add peanut butter to outside edges of each sandwich and roll in the granola, firmly press granola with fingers if any areas are still left uncovered
  • Your sandwiches are ready to eat, if desired, or you can add sprinkles to the center and/or edges for an extra special treat!


*Peanut Butter Alternatives:
  • Almond butter
  • Cashew Butter
  • SunButter {nut free}
And if you're feeling crazy but not so healthy:
  • Nutella
  • Cookie Butter {nut free}

For More Fun {and healthy} After School Snacks try:


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