Back To School Party With Good After School Snacks
August 13, 2021
Back to school themed party table

Back To School Party With Good After School Snacks

Back to school party ideas abound and this is a post full of fun things you can do at home with the kids. Celebrate the end of summer and beginning of a brand new year together. Continue your old traditions or take a look at ours to see if there are any new ones you might want to add.

Plus stick around and get recipes for great after school snacks that are healthy AND delicious.

Back to school party ideas by Salt Lake Party stylist

Back to School Party Dining Table

Placesetting for back to school party

Start your table with a fun place setting. I chose a coral and blue color scheme with bright patterned plates. Accent the plates with fun school themed details.

school themed party table

Back to School Centerpiece

Pencil centerpiece on back to school party table

A quick and inexpensive back to school centerpiece has to be the pencil vase. It's as easy as attaching fresh pencils to the outside of a round glass vase. Set it on a piece of school themed scrapbook paper and sprinkle some festive back to school confetti from my friend Brenda at Festive Fetti.

Back to School Party Details

School themed Milk bottles

Glass milk bottles are a favorite party item of mine. They are reusable, the perfect size for kids, and look so dang cute! I wrapped the each with a crayon sticker from the back to school section at Michaels.

Make a paper straw a little more exciting by adding a washi tape flag. This “ruler” tape can be found during back to school time at various craft stores.

Learn tag on back to school party table

Accent the table with classroom signs like “learn”, “dream”, and “create”. Then place a few oversized sidewalk chalk “pencils” from the Dollar Tree for added drama.

Back to School Breakfast Dinner Tradition

Back to school breakfast dinner

When starting school kids need a full stomach with hearty food…….but the first day of school is always so crazy we hardly ever get the chance to do the big breakfast I have in my head. …..Enter the breakfast dinner.

It's the best of both worlds. We celebrate with a fun table and delicious food the NIGHT before school starts. Our menu is simple but oh so good:

  • Abelskivers – Danish pancake balls served with berries and powdered sugar
  • Fried eggs
  • Turkey sausage
  • Orange juice or milk

First Day of School Tradition

First day of school photo

In the morning after a quick breakfast of egg cups, oatmeal bites, or cold cereal we head to the front porch for the ceremonial “first day of school photo”. I picked these signs up last year from Target's Dollar Spot and they've come in pretty handy.

It's a big year this year in our family. My daughter started 6th grade which is in JUNIOR HIGH!? Um what? I'm totally freaked out. My baby started all day Kindergarten, and my 3rd grade son started a brand new program. I've had a few people ask me what I'm going to do with my time now that ALL THREE kids are in school. My answer:


But in reality I'll probably do this, because bringing you party ideas is what I love to do.

Back to School Snack Table

Back to school themed party table

After our fun breakfast dinner and a big day at school I love surprising the kids after school with a fun table and some awesome after school snacks.

I created a simple backdrop with two colors of streamers taped to the wall to resemble a page of notebook paper. I cut the “back to school” letters on my Cricut Maker and used several of the signs from our craft area to decorate the table.

Pencil Fruit Tray

Fruit tray pencil design for back to school party

Our first snack is a darling fruit tray designed as a pencil. Check out the Fruit Tray tutorial where I walk you step by step to create this cutie. Once it's made, adorn the snack tray with more back to school confetti and globe ornaments piled on a small cake plate.

Apple Sandwiches for Back to School

Finished apple sandwiches on white platter for back to school party

These gluten free sandwiches are a great pick me up with apple, peanut butter, and granola. You can add sprinkles for a little extra fun. You can get the apple sandwich recipe here.

Apple “Cake” Pops

Apple "cake" pops on back to school party table
These aren't your typical sticky sweet cake pops. Start off with dates and pecans for a nutrition packed power ball, that just so happens to taste amazing dipped in white chocolate! Get the healthy date ball recipe here.

Back to School Party Traditions

school themed party table

I hope you had fun with our Back to School party and were able to pick up a few ideas, recipes, or traditions to try in your family too. Soften the blow of summer's end with a night of relaxed fun and tasty after school snacks to ease the back to school jitters.

If you try any of these ideas, I'd love to hear about it in the comments below. And if you share photos, I want to see it too! Please tag us @partieswithacause on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. We love celebrating all your hard work! 


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Easy party ideas for back to school by Salt Lake party stylist

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