Construction Party Menu
March 15, 2017
Halfpint Party - construction cake

Construction Party Menu Ideas | Halfpint Party - Menu Ideas for a construction party

Construction Party Menu

I designed a construction themed party for my son's third birthday and it went off without a hitch! I wish I could say that's typical of ALL my events…but it isn't! There's usually something that doesn't quite go the way I wanted, whether the guests realize it or not. This one was an exception as it pulled together beautifully. The food and activities were the highlight of the party so I thought I would share our construction party menu with you today.

Construction Party Menu | Halfpint Party - Fueling station, wrapped water bottles and juice boxes

We started the buffet line out with a “Fueling Station”. I wrapped juice boxes and water bottles with custom labels and tossed them on ice.

* Pro-Tip: Warning! These galvanized buckets happen to sweat when filled with ice, so we line the bottom with plastic that wraps up the sides before adding it. Check your container BEFORE the party for leaks as well so you don't end up with a hazardous puddle!

Construction Party Menu | Halfpint Party - food zone. Plates, napkins, and cutlery arranged in an old toolbox!

I wrapped the cutlery in napkins and added a {free printable} napkin ring labeled “Tools”. We used 2 sizes of plates, large for the meal, and small for cake and ice cream. Since our guest list included friends from the neighborhood and some cousins, we had lots of parents attend the party and needed the big plates. If you only have kiddos on the guest list you won't need a larger plate, just double up on the small plates for both food and cake. If you serve cupcakes instead, you might just get by providing extra napkins. I personally prefer cake, but for ease, cupcakes really are a great way to go. I displayed all our food tools in an old toolbox from the garage, and thoroughly washed it prior to loading it up!

Construction Party Menu | Halfpint Party - The food table was the focus inside. The tool display, construction cake, and all the fun food labels really made the party.

Here's a shot with most of the food.

Construction Party Menu Summary:

  • Cheetos in a dump truck pouring into a bowl. This was just too cute even though I'm not a huge fan of the junk food snack!
  • Hot dogs done in the slow cooker. They taste like the juicy hot dogs you get at the fair cooked on those rollers. The kids really liked them, and so did my husband! I added sticks to several for the young ones and provided buns for adults or as an option for the kids.
  • Having the condiments in squeeze tubes is SO handy, especially when you have lots of people, and most of them are little ones.
  • Pulled pork sandwiches, for the adults mostly. To keep the food easy and stress free I bought a smoked pork roast from Dickies BBQ and we shredded it ourselves. I didn't even know you could do that! But it was less expensive than ordering the shredded pork for a crowd. {Shhh….don't tell them I told you!} I added a few more hamburger buns and BBQ sauce and we were good to go!
  • The Tortellini Pasta Salad is MY FAVORITE. Pasta salad isn't my favorite if we're talking salads but this family recipe is one I love. {We'll see if my Aunt will let me share it!} The kids even liked the pasta and tomatoes.
  • Snacks included: olives, baby carrots, string cheese, and cut watermelon.
  • Besides the cake, {and watermelon} the only additional sweets I added were paint brush rice crispy treats.

Construction Party Menu Details:

Construction Party Menu | Halfpint Party - The food labels make all the difference between eh and Ah-mazing!

The food labels made the buffet so much more fun. The silly name game went something like this:

  • Cheetos = “Drill Bits”
  • Buns = “Insulation”
  • Ketchup = “Red Caulk” {or “Stop sign paint”}
  • Mustard = “Yellow Caulk” {or “Road Stripes” or “Warning Paint”}
  • Mayonnaise = “Unsanded Grout”
  • Hot dogs = “Steel Beams”

Construction Party Menu | Halfpint Party - themed menu, great food labels

Construction Party Menu | Halfpint Design - Cheetos from the dump truck is so classic! Love the barrel cups, and cheese stick "columns"

  • Olives = “Wrecking Balls”
  • Baby carrots = “Safety Cones”
  • Tortellini Pasta Salad = “Skyscraper Snacks” {I couldn't think of anything clever for the salad so coming up with a couple generic phrases came in handy!}
  • String Cheese = “Columns”

Construction Party Menu | Halfpint Party - we don't do a lot of sweets but watermelon and rice crispy "paint brushes" made it fun

For the Sweet Break:

  • Watermelon cubes = “Bulldozer Bites”
  • Rice Crispy treats = “Wet Paint” They are so easy to make and really looked fun with the different colored “paint” displayed in a clear paint can.

Construction Party Menu | Halfpint Party - construction cake

Last but not least….the cake. The kids were so excited to break into this construction cake! My son requested chocolate, so I ordered chocolate cake with cookies and cream filling and Allie from Smashcakes did not disappoint! It was amazing. We served it with vanilla ice cream and thoroughly enjoyed every bite!

I hope YOU enjoyed this tour through our Construction Party Menu! I'd love to hear what you liked, or if you have any suggestions to add. If you try any of these things for your Construction Party, please let me know and drop a comment in the line below. I know that food often goes uneaten at a birthday party and you may feel a real menu is a waste of time. We did have food left over, but I love being able to serve good food {real food} for everyone. I don't believe that children need a whole dessert buffet at every party and none of these kiddos seemed to mind a bit!

3rd birthday - Construction Party Blast | Halfpint Design - Construction Crew

Until next time,

Halfpint Design, personal













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  1. Kristi Hubble

    Thank you for not making it a SWEET BUFFET! This was so helpful!

    • Brianna Adams

      I am ALL ABOUT healthier food ideas. Stay tuned for lots more healthy party food ideas that are coming soon!!


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