Say BOO To Bullying with Cultivate Kindness Box
October 23, 2019
Say boo to bullying printable tag from Cultivate Kindness Box

Say BOO to bullying with a Cultivate Kindness Box

Say BOO To Bullying with Cultivate Kindness Box 

Say BOO to bullying with the Cultivate Kindness Box! Sharing new small businesses that are doing great things makes me so happy. This company is new on the scene and founder, Lyndsi, shares my dream of creating a better world. Only she started a lot younger than I did. At SIXTEEN, this teenpreneur is doing her best to spread kindness one box at a time.

Cultivate Kindness Box subsriptions

Don't Be A Monster

Don't be a Monster charity

I had the privilege to receive an “OCTOBER – Don't Be A Monster” Cultivate Kindness Box. They've partnered with the charity Don't Be A Monster with a mission of engaging anti-bullying presentations for 4th graders through High School. Currently serving in 20 cities, you can see if they're in your area HERE. Or check out the video for more information.

Random Acts of Kindness Toolkit

My box came with the tools for THREE different ways to spread kindness this month and my kids jumped on the chance to make ghost pops! They are easy to make, fun to share, and yummy to eat. With Red Ribbon Week right around the corner we decided to make 57 ghost pops…enough for every student in two classes.

Ghost Pops Supplies

Ghost pop supplies in Cultivate kindness box

Ghost pops really are very simple to assemble if you have the right tools. And if you get a Cultivate Kindness Box subscription, these supplies are sent right to your door!

Lyndsi has been very generous and agreed to share her Say BOO to Bullying printable tags with you so you can make these fun treats to share in your neighborhood. Or hand out for Halloween.

Step 1: Unfold Tissues

Tootsie pop on napkin to make a ghost pop

Have kids be gentle here or the tissues will tear. Lay them all out flat for quick assembly.

Step 2: Print, Cut, and Punch Tags

Say boo to bullying printable tag from Cultivate Kindness Box

The best part about printables is the ability to scale. 10 tags come on a sheet so print however many you'll need. Cut with scissors, or rotary paper trimmer for perfect lines. Then punch the corner. We liked this bottom left corner to best show off our message.

Step 3: Wrap Pop 

Ghost pop from Cultivate kindness box

Gently gather the tissue around the bottom sucker stick.

Step 4: Cut and Thread Ribbon

Ghost pop - say boo to bullying

It's easier to thread if you cut the ends at an angle.

Step 5: Tie it Up

Ghost pops - say boo to bullying

Step 6: Say BOO to Bullying to Everyone!

Ghost pop - say boo to bullying

Cultivate Kindness Box Mission

Our mission is to start a ripple of Kindness that begins in our community and expands to an international level.

How the Business Came to Be:

I'll let Lyndsi share a little more about her business with you herself:

I've always wanted to be part of a subscription box business model, but struggled coming up with a niche. The idea for the Cultivate Kindness Box came through a tragedy. On August 8th, 2018 my friend, next door neighbor, and pastor’s daughter, got into a fatal car accident. This took a huge toll on not only our church family and school, but on the whole community. The day after the accident, we met at our local coffee shop to grieve and support each other, when we had found out about journals she kept. In the entry written on the day of her passing, she wrote,

A community can not be labeled as inclusive or exclusive because a community by definition is a group of people who share something in common coming together.

This made me think of the ripples of kindness made possible when people come together. And the Cultivate Kindness Box was born. I want to make ripples and see them grow through each act of kindness my customers make.

Always be gracious and kind cultivate kindness box

Different Charity Partners

Since our launch in February, we have had the opportunity to work with charities such as Alex’s Lemonade Stand, Soles4Souls, Don’t be a Monster, and Feeding America. In addition to these charities, we have also encouraged subscribers to connect to their local animal shelter. {through puppy party donations perhaps!?}

Are you a member of charity organization with a mission that aligns with ours? We would love to connect with you! Please email us at cultivatekindnessbox{at}gmail{dot}com or through Facebook and Instagram messaging @cultivatekindnessbox.

Want to Get Involved?

The best way to show support is to purchase a monthly subscription at Cultivate Kindness Box.

The Cultivate Kindness Box

How the boxes work: Subscribers have the options of subscribing for a single month, or 3, 6, or 12 months in advance. No pressure though, the month-to-month subscription can be canceled anytime before the cut-off at the end of the month before.

Social Support: You can also support Cultivate Kindness Box even without purchasing the box!  By following and interacting with our Instagram and Facebook @cultivatekindnessbox, we are able to connect with you. When you post a photo or video doing an act of kindness or a kindness quote you like, tag us so we can share it with more people! Doing this will make you a part of the kindness ripple we strive for.


Say BOO to Bullying and Hello to Kindness

BOO Gram for Halloween kindness

I hope you enjoyed meeting Lyndsi and the Cultivate Kindness Box. It doesn't take much to be kind and these boxes give us the tools to put kindness into action. If you're looking for a way to teach your children empathy, this is a great place to start. And when you're ready I've got a list of ideas the whole family can enjoy! For now, join me in saying BOO to bullying, and encouraging kindness in all we do!

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Say BOO to bullying with a Cultivate Kindness Box

Other Small Businesses Doing Good:

Until next time,


  1. Susan- SugarPartiesLA

    Love the day boo to bullying ! Such a great great idea for Halloween !!

    • Brianna Adams

      It was a really fun activity for my kids and their classmates enjoyed the suckers too. Thank you! Such a great message to spread to children.

  2. Beth

    Such a fantastic idea! I’m definitely sharing this with our local elementary school PTO!

    • Brianna Adams

      I hope that they enjoy it when they do. The kids really had a fun time with it. And who doesn’t love a sucker!?

  3. Natalie Mayhew

    This is such a wonderful idea.

  4. Holly Hulke

    I love any idea with the mission to spread kindness!!

  5. Lori

    What a sweet and caring idea!!


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