Party by Number: ONE
April 17, 2017
Party by Number: ONE - Halfpint Design - Great first birthday party invitation ideas....Join us in ONEderland

Party by Number: One

Party by Number: ONE - Halfpint Design - Great first birthday party invitation ideas

First Birthday Party Invitation Wording

This post contains affiliate links for Etsy…the BEST place to find party invitations ever. {In my humble opinion!}  For more information please see my Disclosure page.

What's more fun than planning your little one's very first birthday party?! I was so excited for my first children's party that I made it an extended family affair. Turning one marks a huge achievement for both Mom and baby! You've both made it through this first year and THAT is definitely something to celebrate. I jumped right in with a Butterfly themed soiree. How hard can it be to pull together a party for 40 people, right? Ha ha. It was a little tougher than I anticipated. Today I've tried to help make it one step easier by rounding up a collection of super cute first birthday invitations. If you don't fall in love with any of these, I've also given you a printable list of additional wording suggestions to make your first birthday celebration an not-to-miss event. So let's get started and Party by Number: ONE!

Party by Number: ONE - Halfpint Design - Great first birthday party invitation ideas....Fun in the Sun, {child's} turning ONE

Sweet Greets Designs – Etsy – For more Tropical Party ideas see my Pinterest Board

Party by Number: ONE - Halfpint Design - Great first birthday party invitation ideas....A year of adventure, laughter and fun

Sharing a Passion INC – Etsy – Both girl and boy versions available. For more Woodland Party Ideas see my Pinterest Board and this POST

Party by Number ONE | Halfpint Design - Wild ONE, "Where the wild things are" invite by LuLu Paper Prints so cute for a first birthday party

Wild ONE, Where the wild things are invite by LuLu Paper Prints on Etsy

Party by Number: ONE - Halfpint Design - Great first birthday party invitation ideas....We can bearly believe it, our little cub is turning ONE

She's My Tuesday – Etsy – for more Lumberjack Party ideas see my Pinterest Board.

Party by Numbers: ONE | Halfpint Design - Darling Dr. Seuss "Oh the Places You'll Go!" photo invitation

Love this photo invite from Meghily’s on Etsy

If you can’t find anything you like, great invitations are like riding a bike. It might be a little rough at first but once you've gone and done your worst, it gets better over time, check us out for the perfect rhyme.

Party by Number: ONE…Rhyming:

Interchange “little lady” and “little man” or girl and boy as needed. Most graphic designers offer boy and girl or neutral colors for each design. If they don't just contact them for a quote on custom re-coloring to fit your perfect party color scheme. I've found it's much less expensive to re-color one I like than commission a custom design.

Any phrase ending in “FUN”:

Fun in the Sun
{Theme ideas: Pool Party, Surf Party, Tropical Party}


Oh what a year
It was such fun
Our little {child's name} is turning ONE


A little cake
A lot of fun
Our little {man} is turning ONE


Sweet as sugar
And so much fun
Our little {lady} is turning ONE


A year of adventure
Laughter and fun
Our little {boy} is turning ONE
{Theme ideas: Camping Party, Lumberjack Party, Pirate Party}


Don't walk, just run
Or you'll miss the fun!


A ton of fun
{Theme idea: Strong man for a Carnival Party}


Oh what fun it is to be ONE


Come to the party and see my cake
Oh what a ONEderful mess I'll make!
My first birthday will be loads of fun
Please join me as I turn ONE!


Other Rhymes:

One little candle, one little cake
One very big day to celebrate


Our little honey-bun
{Theme ideas: Peter Rabbit, Winnie the Pooh, or Bunny Party}


Get the job done
{Theme ideas: Construction Party, Fire Fighter Party}


Our hearts are won
{Theme ideas: Valentine's Birthday}


Party by Number: ONE…Non-Rhyming Phrases:

If you aren't into rhyming, it's ok, I've got other ideas to save the day! Sorry, no more rhyming and I mean it! {“Anybody want a peanut?”}

It's a ONEderful Life!


Winter ONEderland


{Child's name} in ONEderland
{Alice in Wonderland Pinterest Board}
{Alice in Wonderland Tea Party & Sources}


Wild and ONEderful!


We O-fishally made it to ONE
{Camping and Fishing Party Pinterest Board}


Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
ONE year old is what you are!


We can bearly believe it!
Our little cub is turning ONE
{Lumberjack Party}

For a printable list of these invitation wording ideas please click here –> Party by Number-ONE_Printable.

I hope this “Party by Number: One” list helps in designing invitations for your first birthday party. Planning your first birthday party can be tough. Check back for some great tips to help your first children's event go as smoothly as possible. Love your invite? Send it to us at Halfpint Design so we can share it too!

Until next time,

 Halfpint Design, personal


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