Carnival Theme Family Reunion
July 7, 2017
Halfpint Design - You've got to motivate the crowd to win tickets to earn prizes. This is a well stocked table! Carnival party, circus theme.

Carnival Theme Family Reunion | Halfpint Design - What a great theme for a family get together! It gave everyone something fun to do and helped tie all other aspects of the weekend together. Carnival party, Circus. Friday Feature: Carnival Theme Family Reunion

Are you ready to have some fun? For today's feature I bring you a family reunion with a carnival theme planned and executed by my good friend, Kadie Kinney. If you have a family, chances are you will attend a reunion at some point this summer. When YOU bring everyone together….do YOU know what to do with them all? A great theme makes planning so much easier. It helps guides decisions on food, activities, decor, etc. And a carnival theme is the BEST! Take it away Kadie…

Carnival Theme

Carnival Theme Family Reunion | Halfpint Design - When you get a large group together, photo booths are a must! This welcome to the Carnival photo op is perfect. Carnival party. Circus theme.

Hi guys, I'm excited to be sharing on Halfpint Design today! I was in charge of planning my family reunion this year. No big deal, right? Turns out it's a little complicated trying to juggle so many different people with separate schedules. The location of the reunion was a rental cabin at Bear Lake in Garden City, Utah. I selected a carnival theme, because I needed to entertain different parties arriving at different times. I got there early, set it up, and let everyone play at their leisure. So perfect! 


Carnival Theme Family Reunion | Halfpint Design - You've got to motivate the crowd to win tickets to earn prizes. This is a well stocked table! Carnival party, circus theme.

Carnival Theme Family Reunion | Halfpint Design - You've got to motivate the crowd to win tickets to earn prizes. Carnival party, circus theme.

My favorite piece of the party was the prize table. I bought assorted prizes, and containers of differing sizes and shapes. We had plenty of prizes for everyone! Then I printed tags on sticker paper to identify how many tickets were needed for each prize. It turned out exactly as I envisioned it, if not a little better! {LOVE it when that happens!}

Carnival Menu

Carnival Theme Family Reunion | Halfpint Design - One of the littles enjoying a carnival prize! Carnival party, circus theme.

For dinner the first night we served hot dogs in a crock pot, along with chips, watermelon and pasta salad. A simple but tasty menu prepped before hand, ready and waiting as each family showed up. With arrivals spanning from 4pm – 7pm, I needed food people could serve themselves. Hot dogs stayed warm in the crock pot and the salads and drinks stayed cool in a striped carnival inflatable buffet server with minimal effort. We finished off dinner with lollipop prizes of course!

Carnival Games

Carnival Theme Family Reunion | Halfpint Design - Carnival games are always a hit no matter what your age. That makes them the perfect activity for a family reunion. Carnival party. Circus theme.

  • Disk Drop
  • Bean Bag Toss
  • Table Tennis Toss
  • Duck Pond
  • Photo Booth

I totally lucked out on the layout of the space we had. This whole party was planned without having ever seen our rental cabin, so I had to get there early, assess the space and then make everything fit. The photo booth backdrop fit the garage door EXACTLY, the “Carnival” banner fit the width of the window EXACTLY, and the columns from the deck above were perfect for my directional signs.

Carnival Theme Family Reunion | Halfpint Design - Enjoying the prizes! Carnival party, circus theme.

The biggest issue was uneven ground under the game table, so the bottle bean bag toss was wobbly and the bottles would sometime fall down without even being hit! I also didn't totally think through the duck pond with the toddlers. They jumped right in! My niece even started drinking from it! I probably wouldn't do that again with little ones around!

Carnival Themed Crafts

Carnival Theme Family Reunion | Halfpint Design - Kids craft activity, decorate a paddle ball and slap bracelet. They were a hit with young and old. Carnival party, circus theme.

Another great feature I included to keep the kiddos busy were some craft stations. They turned out to be a real hit. I bought four craft caddies, and filled them with color-your-own paddle ball games in a carnival theme. The second craft was DIY slap bracelets, which everyone loved. I provided large crayons, markers, rhinestone stickers, washi tape, and carnival-themed foam stickers to decorate with. It was so fun to see everyone's creations! 

Carnival Photo Ops

Carnival Theme Family Reunion | Halfpint Design - Acrobat and strong man photo op, "welcome to the carnival" backdrop. Carnival party, circus theme.

The carnival theme photo backdrops were so much fun that I got two! Here are my sister and niece getting ready for a circus performance!

Carnival Theme Family Reunion | Halfpint Design - Photo booth number 2! With circus props on sticks. Carnival party, circus theme.

My daughter enjoying photo backdrop number 2. This one is big enough for the whole family to pose in front of! I also provided photo frames and stick props.

Carnival Theme Family Reunion | Halfpint Design - Having the string lights allowed the fun to last into the night. Carnival party, circus theme.

Bottom line is that everyone loved it and played games into the night! The string lights came in handy when the sun went down. They were not only great to accent the carnival theme but really practical!

Carnival Theme Source list

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Feature Summary

I love how fun this carnival theme turned a standard family reunion into an event. Keeping the children busy is priority #1 and the carnival games were perfect. It's fun that even the adults jumped in. Funny how carnivals appeal to all ages, and have since their inception. I mean, who doesn't like to have a good time? …. That's what I thought. Great job Kadie! Makes we want to have another carnival. Now that you've seen how much fun a family reunion CAN be, why would we go back to the standard, often boring, gatherings?? Answer: We won't! Take your next reunion up a notch and make it an event they'll remember with a family carnival.

We LOVE hearing from our readers and showing off all your hard work. If you have a party you'd like to share please Contact Us and check our Submissions page.

Until next time,

Halfpint Design, personal headshot, Bri Adams

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  1. Victoria with One Sharp mama

    What an adorable party theme idea. I love the way everything was put together, not a detail was forgotten.


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