Ball Party Favor DIY + Free Printable Tags
July 17, 2017
Halfpint Design - I wanted to keep the kids out of the chocolate and make sure we didn't have balls rolling everywhere so I wrapped up this favor in cellophane. It allowed the favors to add to the color scheme and overall decor.

Create a party favor for a ball party | Halfpint Design - This EASY DIY party favor is a hit for a Have a Ball themed 2nd birthday party.

DIY Have a Ball Party Favor

I designed a Have a Ball party for my son's second birthday. If you've had a toddler, or been around one, you know how fun this stage can be! They're developing preferences, habits, and lots of personality! My little ball of energy is obsessed with anything that rolls. {which includes himself!} I love, love, LOVE, party favors and usually end up spending too much money. So I'm excited to share how easy it is to make a ball party favor that stands out but won't break the bank. Did I mention that everything I used was purchased at Dollar Tree? Not everything will be available from Dollar Tree year round so I'll add in some alternate source options as well.

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  • Level of difficulty: EASY
  • Time commitment: 30 minutes to put together – once you've gathered your supplies

Ball Party Favor DIY | Halfpint Design - Supplies needed are minimal and ALL purchased from Dollar Tree. The kids loved this simple favor.

Ball Party Favor Supplies:

Download Favor Tags Here

Ball Party Favor Instructions:

1. Select coordinating tissue paper colors. I stuck with red, yellow, and blue. Since my container was red, I lined it with blue tissue, then created a little nest of yellow tissue in the bottom to raise the contents up and make them visible.

Ball Party Favor DIY | Halfpint Design - This easy party favor is so simple. Just pile in your stuff making sure all items can be seen.

2. Place the largest items, bubbles and ball, in first and try to create a little bit of height with the party blower. Sprinkle the chocolates on top.

Ball Party Favor DIY | Halfpint Design - I wanted to keep the kids out of the chocolate and make sure we didn't have balls rolling everywhere so I wrapped up this favor in cellophane. It allowed the favors to add to the color scheme and overall decor.

3. So everything would stay contained I tied up the final product in cellophane and added a Thank You tag. {now available as a FREE printable download!} I wanted the chocolates and balls to stay out of reach during the party since they had plenty of other rounds to play with!
Download Favor Tags Here

Ball Party Favor DIY | Halfpint Design - These Have a Ball party favors were so easy and a hit with the kids. They would also work well for any sports themed party favor. Baseball party, football party, soccer party, basketball party.

4. Display them together with a fun sign or backdrop. I balanced ball pit balls on dessert shooters to create a little row on top. Mini pennant bannersign, and large customized pennant banner from my new Have a Ball party printable package at HalfpintPartyDesign on Etsy. We collected all the other balls in the house and filled up the basket below. It was such a fun focal point for the party.

If you haven't seen the whole Have a Ball party reveal you've got to check it out! It's the perfect theme for a 2nd birthday. We had so much fun with this and I'm so excited to share it with everyone. If you make a ball favor I'd love to see it. Tag @halfpintdesign on social media or submit your photos for a feature to our Submissions Page and show off your stuff!

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Until next time! Happy planning,

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  1. J. Ivy Boyter

    How cute! My son is all about balls (and things that can be driven). This is adorable 🙂


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