Light the World This Christmas
November 28, 2018
Man giving at a vending machine for the Light the World campaign

Girl with string lights, Light the World with service this Christmas

Light the World This Christmas #LIGHTtheWORLD 2018

Are you ready to Light the World this Christmas? I’m always on the lookout for holiday traditions that get my children thinking about and serving others. Now I don’t usually talk about my faith. Not because I’m ashamed of being Christian, but because it’s such a special part of my life. I’m a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints {you may have heard us referred to as “Mormons”} and there are lots of misconceptions out there about what we believe. Most importantly I believe in Jesus Christ and know we must be His hands to lighten the burdens of one another. Regardless of your belief, I think we can all agree we live in a world where people need help more than ever.

Worldwide Day of Service

Man giving at a vending machine for the Light the World campaign

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In the spirit of holiday giving I’m inviting YOU to participate in the Light the World campaign. How does one light the world you ask? This year it’s easier than ever. Saturday, December 1st kicks off a month of giving with a World-Wide Day of Service! Find something you can do, anything, to help another person. The more people you can impact the better. Then continue your service for the whole month, changing your focus each week. Start globally in Week 1, give locally for Week 2, bring it home during Week 3, then work on our own light for Week 4.

Click here for the Official #LIGHTtheWORLD page

Week 1: Light the World

Serve those in another part of the world.

  • Donate to Heifer International and give a goat!
  • Find a Light the World “Giving Machine” {Located this year in: Salt Lake City, UT – Gilbert, AZ – New York, NY – South Kensington, London – Manila, Philippines}
  • Donate to CARE to fight poverty around the globe
  • Donate to Water Aid to bring clean water to everyone

Week 2: Light your Community

Lend a helping hand in your community by:

  • Donating to your local Food Bank and/or volunteer your time to sort cans and boxes
  • Collecting socks, blankets, and coats for a local homeless shelter
  • Serving food at a local soup kitchen
  • Singing carols at a retirement home
  • For more ideas in your area check out

Week 3: Light your Family

  • Call a relative you haven’t spoken to in a while
  • Record the story of a Grandparent or Elder for posterity
  • Send thank you cards to your parents or grandparents
  • Write a letter to your siblings or children about how much they mean to you

Week 4: Light your Faith

  • Take time to reflect on your faith, how can it grow?
  • Regular scripture reading, meditation, and/or prayer
  • Write in your journal, start a gratitude list

Light the World Service Calendar Ideas

Service calendar for Light the World campaign

For MORE ideas each week download {no strings attached} this service calendar and get started with your plans to give!

Click HERE for the 2018 LIGHT the WORLD Service Calendar 2018

The beauty of the holidays is the generous spirit that surrounds it. Whether you’re celebrating Christmas {like me} or you’ve got Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, or other wonderful plans, it’s about LOVE. ❤️Plain and simple. Love for our fellow humans. We are more alike than we are different and we all need help sometimes. I’m inviting YOU and your family to serve alongside mine this month. Will you accept the challenge?

Either way, I wish you a magical holiday season!

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Girl with string lights, Light the World with service this Christmas

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  1. Holly

    What a wonderful way to give back this holiday season! We are working to do things to give back to those in need this season and it’s been so rewarding!!

  2. Jackie

    What a great way to kick off the holiday season. I really like the idea of a day of service!

  3. pressprintparty

    One year my mother-in-law donated a goat for each of her children, it was kinda neat. We need to keep the Christ in Christmas for sure. I’d never heard of Light the World. That’s a neat list!

  4. nwebb8

    I love your missions during the holidays. This is a refreshing reminder and one I’d like to pass down to my kids!

  5. Lori Goldman

    This is beautiful Bri! What a wonderful cause and tradition! Speaks volumes of the person you are! “Plain and simple. Love our fellow humans.” Yes 100 times over!

  6. Carolina

    Such a beautiful cause!! we do the same locally!


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