3 Reasons NOT to Attend SNAP Conference
April 20, 2018
Two small business owners meet in front of the "Rise Up" banner at SNAP Conference

Rise Up balloon banner on rainbow colored honeycombWelcome banner designed by Michelle at The Glitzy Pear.

3 Reasons NOT to attend SNAP Conference

I just attended my very first SNAP Conference a few days ago and I am still recovering. I'm exhausted from the late night dance party, my throat hurts from the non-stop talking, and my head is still spinning from all the new information. My friends, this is a dangerous place to visit and I'm giving you 3 reasons NOT to attend SNAP Conference.

Snap Conference Logo. Cook. Create. Celebrate.

Do NOT Attend SNAP Conference because…

  1. You will likely meet a dozen or more people SO MUCH LIKE YOU that your “unicorn” identity may come crashing down.
  2. Classes that share better ways to do things that will cause SO MUCH MORE WORK for you when you get home.
  3. Keynote speakers will fill your head with dreams and expect you to FIND MORE TIME to make them come true.

If those sound bad, here are a few more…..you come away with too much swag, are over fed and well sugared, you will not get enough sleep, and will experience FOMO when you can only choose one seminar per session. I mean seriously. It's an introverts nightmare!! You'll need at least a week to recover, but I'll tell you why I'm planning to attend EVERY YEAR from now on.


Do you work alone? Let me guess, at home? Late at night? While the kids sleep? Do you ever find yourself trying to explain what you do to your friends and family only to receive a blank stare and polite nod? Or a “you're so lucky! That sounds so fun!” Do you find everyone in your social circle so busy that it takes an act of Congress to get a girl's night out?

Two small business owners meet in front of the "Rise Up" banner at SNAP Conference

Instagram buddies become REAL LIFE friends!

If you are anything like me you can relate. My family, business, and church commitments take up all of my mine time leaving nothing for outside relationships. I mean I HAVE friends. Lovely friends who I adore. But we've grown apart during this “Mom of young children” phase. I love them to pieces but you can't grow a deep and meaningful relationship by spending 5 hurried minutes before school drop off, after dance class, or in the church parking lot.

I entered SNAP conference excited to meet several ladies in my circles on Instagram. Angie from Grey Dot Co. and I clicked immediately and spent nearly every moment together for three days. We worked on business goals, asked hard questions, cried a little, and laughed A LOT. Feeling positively buoyant from all the love and support, my mood came crashing as our concluding speaker, Dr. Matt Townsend, explained the ABC's of Happiness. Everything was smooth until “C”, cultivating deep relationships. I instantly teared up, not realizing how lonely I've felt, until my SNAP attendance filled that void. I am now committed to cultivating my relationships. Making more room for strong female relationships that DON'T revolve around my children!

Secret SNAP Sisters

Girl in blue sequin dress with blue lips at an 80's prom party for SNAP conference

How could you NOT have fun with this girl!?

The Secret SNAP Sister program is pure genius. You web-stalk someone for the entire week before the event getting to know all you can about her and provide two gifts you think she'd like. Albeit slightly awkward as you approach this person feeling like their best friend, then realize they have no idea who you are! {It's a SECRET 'til the last day} I found my secret sister in the last 10 minutes of the event and our friendship was immediate. I'm so lucky to have Kaylynn of Among the Young be a local girl like me. We've already made plans to get together monthly and keep this conference momentum going.

2. SNAP encourages EDUCATION

Julie and Jodie of The Design Twins posing with Bri of Halfpint Design after their Instagram course at SNAP Conference

The Design Twins after their Instagram seminar. I just love these ladies!

Are you confused about SEO, Pinterest, Sponsored Posts, or….fill in the blank? The ever changing social platforms and tech heavy blog requirements are overwhelming! Each session at SNAP was fabulous. A few tips I knew {score!}, many tips I've heard but still haven't done yet {procrastinate much?}, and the last few were magical pearls of wisdom!

SNAP is different from other conferences I've attended, in addition to the educational seminars, they also have hands on creative workshops for those who might not be bloggers, or just need to rest their brain. This is a conference for real people, like me. And probably like you.


Image of Stuart Edge, actor, YouTube star, and magician - speaker at SNAP conference

THIS guy is SO hot right now!

You finally got this blogging thing figured out. NOW WHAT? Each of the amazing keynote speakers addressed achieving their dreams. They each had different paths and their successes all look different but they all have something amazing to share with the world. I felt inspired and motivated to do IT better but I was still trying to decide what my ultimate IT was supposed to be. Do you know what your mission is? Thanks to a reminder from Jordan Page of Fun Cheap or Free, I do. But it's sometimes tough to figure out how to fit that into the here and now.

After speaking with Stuart Edge, actor and YouTube sensation, the realization hit me that I am NOT chasing my WHY. I've forgotten my mission along the way and been too busy running my business to actually grow my business through love. I am SO excited to share a give back campaign soon that will hopefully be the backbone to my entire business. So thanks to Stuart and Kelsey Edwards for a thought provoking discussion that put my life back on the path I imagined!


A post shared by Ritzy Parties (@ritzy_parties) on Apr 14, 2018 at 12:44am PDT

Christie totally rocks the wig in this killer glamor shot for the Polaroid 80's Prom party!

I showed up early on Day 1 not wanting to miss a thing. Trouble was it was just registration for 3 hours until the party. So what's a girl to do all dressed up with no where to go? Track down Christie of Ritzy Parties, the party maven for SNAP Conference, and offer my assistance for party prep of course! I am elated I was able to lend a small hand in bringing the “Eat Dessert First” party to life. Where else would a party designer let a total stranger help set up? Our only history, inclusion in the same random group chat!

Eat Dessert First Opening Night Party

Letters that spell "EAT DESSERT FIRST" for sweets party at SNAP conference

I'm so impressed by all the details of this party. Amazing cut foam letters from FloraCraft. Now I think I need their hot wire cutting tool so I can cut foam letters too! This table was ultimately filled with treats and Sparkling Ice Beverages.Sweets road sign for the "Eat Dessert First" opening night party at SNAP Conference

And this Oriental Trading directional sign {affiliate link} was the perfect way to greet guests. Their “Donut Shop Party” collection was perfect here.

A Make it yourself cupcake hat table at SNAP Conference

Then there were amazing activities provided by the sponsors! I'm not getting paid to mention them, I just feel like they should get a shoutout for all the support they showed us makers and bloggers!

  1. Make a cupcake headpiece: Charity Wings, Expo International Trims & Kunin Felt
  2. Sprinkle beauty bar: The Baker's Party Shop
  3. Decorate a cupcake: The Baker's Party Shop
  4. Woodburn a kitchen spoon: Thermo Web, Plaid Enterprises
  5. Decorate an apron: Canvas Corp, Expo International Trims
  6. Cookie decorating & sprinkle bar: The Baker's Party Shop
  7. Build your own candy kabob: Evite

Instax camera giveaway by evite on their DIY candy kabob table at SNAP conference

I got to add the flowers and put the finishing touches to this table set up by the lovely ladies at Evite. Making the kabobs was so much fun I had to do one for each of my kids! The gorgeous cake stands used everywhere are from Amalfi Decor…if you've been around for any length of time, you already know how much I love them! Girl holging candy kabob, wearing cupcake hat, and gumball necklace for sweets party at SNAP conference

Here's all the fun stuff! My cupcake hat was the crowning detail to my sweets centered accessories: candy bracelets & watch, ring pop, gumball necklace, unicorn cupcake earrings, ice cream cone hair clip, and a skirt I my aunt made using this Cupcake Cafe Cake Stands fabric. {affiliate link}

Chocolate cupcake on white plate surrounded by colorful sprinkles, topper with fondant flowers and green leaves at SNAP conference

And I just have to give one last shout out to my girl Esther of The Baker's Party Shop. Her sprinkles were the highlight of the evening! And the fondant flowers were pretty fun too!

Photo Ops

Colorful Sherwin Williams sponsor photo booth at SNAP Conference

Meghan from Elva M Design Studio pausing at the Sherwin Williams photo booth! Did you know that purple is my favorite color?

The fabulous photos of the event were taken by the SNAP photographer Cara of Catcher In the Rye Photography. Not only is she talented, but she's super fun and made everyone feel special! You can check out more SNAP pics on her site. All the rest were taken on my phone by other people! Please don't judge! I was having too much fun and forgot to take pictures.

Pinterest collage 3 Reasons Not to Attend SNAP Conference

To SNAP or Not to SNAP….That is the Question!

Hopefully you are now armed with all the information you need to make your decision. Will YOU be attending SNAP Conference next year? I sure hope so! And I can't wait to meet you!!

Until next time my party friends,

Halfpint Design, personal headshot, Bri Adams


  1. Jennifer Ostroski

    Oh man, I have total FOMO right now!!! I debated going this year for the first time, and now I know FOR SURE that I want to go next year. I’m so glad I saw this, and now I’m really excited to attend. Thank you!

  2. pressprintparty

    Sounds like so much fun! I’m not missing next year for sure!

  3. Holly | Legally Crafty

    You captured the weekend so well! It was so fun to meet you in the Plaid Craft Lounge! Excited to watch you grow your passion!

  4. Jenny

    Hi Bri! I love this article and would really like to go to a SNAP conference. I’ve had plenty of the blank stares & polite nods about blogging! Our stories are similar. Thanks for sharing your experience! Pinning & sharing!

  5. Cindy deRosier

    I loved reading your summary of SNAP! I went last year and had a blast, but wasn’t able to make it there this year. Hopefully in 2019!

  6. Katie Waltemeyer

    I’m so happy you loved Secret Sisters! It’s posts like this one that make it all worth it!


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