Skeleton Welcome: Halloween Front Porch Decoration Ideas
September 20, 2019
Skeleton guard dog Halloween front porch decoration

Halloween front porch decoration

Skeleton Welcome: Halloween Front Porch Decoration Ideas

Looking for Halloween front porch decoration ideas? I got you covered! Outdoor holiday decor is sometimes overlooked, but on Halloween your porch is your greeting to dozens of trick or treaters. Do you want your entry to be scary? Or classy? Or a mixture of both? I tried to incorporate some classy Halloween elements into a spooky farmhouse welcome.

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Skeleton Welcoming Committee

Halloween front porch decoration

Say hello to our little friends! You can't get past the skeleton guards so you better hope they're in a good mood. You've got a hello from the candy guard, while the doorbell guard waves you in. But what are their intentions? Will you be offered candy and a warm welcome? And are you brave enough to find out?

Welcome Pumpkin Skeleton

Skeleton welcome pumpkin front porch decoration

Let's start with a greeter seated on the porch step looking quite aloof holding a large white pumpkin. I love how versatile these craft pumpkins are. A quick Cricut project later and I've got a customized greeting of my own. I'll be sharing how to recreate this look and the SVG file later in the week.

Each guard has a friend to keep his company. This one chose a black owl. You want to elevate small items like the owl when you can.  PRO Tip: Using upside down planters you can create risers to add height and make your scene more interesting.

Candy Guard Skeleton 

Skeleton candy bowl guard front porch decoration

When laying out your Halloween front porch decorations it's nice to create a scene with different heights and depths. This skeleton is seated, constrained is more like it, to a chair. I love that he's holding an innocent looking black cat candy bowl just daring you to take a piece! Wrapping the old fence post behind him with a black oak leaf garland adds more depth and an extra spooky touch.

With a Froggy Friend

Caged Skeleton frog halloween front porch decor

Our candy guard had the help of a watchful frog! Do you think if you kiss a frog skeleton he still turns into a prince!? Any animal will do but I love how unexpected the frog is. Nestle your creature in a cage with some moss and cover with a little creepy cloth for maximum effect.

Love it? You can easily recreate this look! 

Skeleton Gatekeeper

Skeleton sentinel Halloween front porch decoration

Then we move on back to the standing skeleton guarding the doorbell with his trusty bulldog. {adding depth and height to the arrangement} But don't worry, he's waving you in. I'm sure it'll all be fine.

Skeleton guard dog Halloween front porch decoration

The trusty watch dog is a great piece right at the door. My kids have so much fun “feeding” and “walking” him.

Recreate this look:

Halloween Front Porch Details 

Raven Wreath Front Porch Decor

Raven wreath Halloween front porch decoration

I made this raven wreath years ago and I still love it! One of these days I'll do a tutorial on how to make one for yourself, but it's pretty easy. Just start collecting birds now. The Dollar Store used to carry birds with feathers but now they are just glittered black foam. Not as nice for sure. But if you want a little project you can add feathers to the cheap ones or save your pennies for some feathered friends.

Raven Skull Topiary Halloween Decor

Raven skull topiary front porch decoration

After the raven wreath, I added a large raven to a stack of skulls. This spooky topiary is just the right touch to balance the skeleton in the corner. I didn't have the perfect urn to create this so I just used the same metal flower pots turning one upside down as a riser and stacked the other on top.

After reading Edgar Allan Poe in Junior High I fell in love and we listen to a recording of “The Raven” each year at Halloween.

Black Cat Halloween Porch Vignette

Black cat front porch decoration

In front of the topiary I repeated the metal flower pot riser. Repeating your elements throughout the scene helps to make it feel more cohesive and put together. Atop the pumpkin sits a watchful black cat and a few more stacked pumpkins to balance the design and add a little color.

Add Plenty of Gourds

Gourds in potted plants for front porch decoration

Once your main areas are designed, take a step back and see if anything looks bare, or has holes, then fill them up with small gourds {real or faux} and more pumpkins! Since our summer is still going strong well into September my flowering pots transition nicely into Fall with these pastel additions.

Raven skull topiary front porch decoration

And finally a simple battery operated lantern among more pretty pumpkins. There's not a lot of color in this black and white arrangement so the bright spots of pumpkin help guide the eye. The top it all off with a banner slung over the doorway to complete the look.

I hope you've enjoyed the tour of our Halloween Front Porch Decorations and that it gave you some ideas of way to design and style your own outdoor halloween decor. I have wide porch that gives me lots of space to work with. If your porch area is smaller, just choose one or two areas to decorate and remember to have at least THREE items in each grouping at different heights. As long as you do that it'll feel complete…..and look fantastic!

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Skeleton Halloween front porch decoration

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Until tomorrow my friend,


  1. Beth

    I’m seeing a lot more skeletons around our town for Halloween decorations. I have ghosts and bats. Guess I’ll be shopping for skeletons to add to my collection! Thanks for some great ideas!

  2. Susan-SugarPartiesLA

    I love your front porch ! We got a large skeleton this year for the first time and the kids have so much fun playing with it. I’m excited to use him for decorating. This is so inspiring.

  3. Jordan Hansen

    What a fun way to welcome trick or treaters!

  4. Nathalie - Press Print Party!

    I love how you approached it by making small vignettes that bring the whole theme together. I’ve seen lots of skeletons this year.

  5. Holly

    I so wish I had a porch area like this!! I think I need a big skeleton. I borrowed one last year and they are so fun!

  6. Jennifer Digiacomo

    I’m loving the variety of skeletons! SO fun and festive and an easy way to add some spook-tacular decor to your entryway!

  7. Lori

    I love whimsical and welcoming doorways!! So fun for trick or treaters but festive all the days leading up!! I love it!!


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