21+ Puppy Themed Birthday Party Food Ideas
May 1, 2019
Puppy themed birthday party food ideas

Puppy themed birthday party food ideas21+ Puppy Themed Birthday Party Food Ideas 

Puppy themed birthday party food is a must for any dog party! If you're a fan of themed birthday parties you'll definitely want to check out these puppy party treats designed for dog lovers!

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Dog Themed Meals:

If your party includes a mealtime or you'd like something more substantial, start here and design your party menu. Build-your-own food bars are a great way to feed a crowd!

  • Hot Dog Bar is an obvious choice! Go above and beyond the plain “Weiner dog” by providing plenty of fun toppings for Hot Dog recipes like:
    • Golden Retriever: ketchup and mustard
    • Poodle: BBQ sauce
    • English Bulldog: mustard & relish
    • Weiner Dog: nacho cheese and bacon
    • Bloodhound: chili & shredded cheese
    • Pug: bacon & grilled onions
    • Chihuahua: queso, jalapeños and pico de gallo for a little kick

Puppy pizza bar fixin's - Puppy Themed Birthday Party Food Ideas

  • Puppy Pizza Bar: If you're looking for a kid-centered party menu with pizza this is the one. Make it easy on yourself by using mini naan bread as the crust for simple personal “pan” pizzas kids will love. Set out a variety of toppings and let your creativity go wild!
    • Pizza sauce: Try a classic spaghetti sauce with no added sugar
    • Mozzerella cheese
    • Pup-peroni: Regular or lower fat Turkey Pepperoni
    • Sliced olives
    • Shredded chicken: Buy a rotisserie chicken for dinner the night before and shred leftovers for pizza!
    • BBQ Sauce
    • Pineapple chunks
    • Canadian bacon
    • Cilantro if you're getting fancy
    • And a cheddar fire hydrant to top it all off! Cookie cutters here

Puppy pizzas with cheese fire hydrant - Puppy Themed Birthday Party Food Ideas

Dog Themed Appetizers for your Party

When you're party is mid-meal you'll not need much in the way of food but it's nice to offer a variety of dog themed snacks for munching. First things first though…..you need clever names for puppy party food labels! Snag them here. {available soon}

Cheese tennis ball with pita chip crackers - Puppy Themed Birthday Party Food Ideas

  • A “Tennis Cheese Ball” is a great way to play fetch! Especially with baked pita chip crackers for a healthier crunch.
  • Canned Dog food“: Refried Beans with cheese is another great option for dipping
  • A Cheese and Meat Tray in puppy or dog bone shapes are easy to do with simple cookie cutters

Kibbles and Bits party snacks - Puppy Themed Birthday Party Food Ideas

But it's okay to have fun, like this kid friendly “Kibbles and Bits” and so easy to make. Just toss together:

  • Traditional Chex Mix
  • Paw shaped Cheetos
  • Optional: roasted unsalted cashews *if no one has a nut allergy*

Puppy Themed Fruits and Veggies

Kids often get a bad rap for not eating their veggies. I've found that to be false. If you set them out, veggies usually get eaten, especially with ranch dressing on hand! So don't skip the produce aisle when shopping for your party foods. It's the easiest way to up the nutrients and lower the sugar in your menu!

Bird bait berries - Puppy Themed Birthday Party Food Ideas

  • Color coordinated fruits are the best. This blueberry & blackberry “Bird Bait” medley is perfect for little fingers, just keep them off the carpet!
  • Melon balls are simple to scoop with the right tools.

Carrot sticks for fetching - Puppy Themed Birthday Party Food Ideas

Then go fetch with carrot sticks or add a whole veggie tray for a full serving of “Ruff-age“!

Dog Themed Sweet Treats

Smoothie pupsicles - Puppy Themed Birthday Party Food Ideas

Berry Pup-sicles are a great way to offer a naturally sweet treat kids love. Frozen smoothies become a themed delight when paired with puppy paw silicone molds.

  • Smoothie Recipe
    • Milk of choice
    • Plain Greek yogurt (high in protein)
    • Bananas
    • Raspberries
    • Optional: Squirt of honey or Agave

Dog bone shaped cookies as Puppy treats - Puppy Themed Birthday Party Food Ideas

  • Puppy Treat dog bones will give the kids pause since they look just like the real thing! But these Scooby Doo graham cracker sticks are a perfect addition.
  • Puppy Chow sweet Chex mix is another kid favorite. The recipe is on the box and easy enough for my 9 year old to make. The bonus is that it looks just like dog food, so serve it up in a clean dog bowl for maximum effect.

Doggy Themed Drinks for Kids

Muddy puddle party drink - Puppy Themed Birthday Party Food Ideas

  • Muddy Puddle punch: strawberry lemonade + a few drops of blue food coloring
  • Toilet water: Blue gatorade
  • Chocolate Lab: chocolate milk or hot chocolate for a winter birthday
  • Spring Water: bottled water

Puppy Themed Birthday Cake

Dog bone shaped birthday cake Let's Pawty - Puppy Themed Birthday Party Food Ideas

Dog Bone Birthday Cake is a MUST have. Especially if the birthday girl can sculpt her very own custom fondant topper!  And the “Let's Pawty” letters cut from fruit leather add fun, but not more frosting.

  • To create the topper:

Dog Paw Cupcakes are simple enough for the kids to decorate themselves. An Oreo pad and 3 brown M&M toes create a delicious puppy print.

image 0

Or skip the cake altogether with a faux puppy cake! If you've already got the sweets covered but still want a focal point, a cake from Confection Deception is a great way to go. It looks real…..but it's not.

Dog Themed Food Table Display

Full buffet table - Dog Themed Puppy Birthday Party Ideas

Now that we've got the menu planned, let's put it together for everyone to enjoy. Bone Appetit! You can find all the product details in this Puppy Party Decor Package. {available soon} to recreate this entire look. The pug can't wait to meet you!

Why Not Host a Donation Party?

In lieu of gifts charity donation - Dog Themed Puppy Birthday Party Ideas

If you rescue animals like we do, you might love combining your puppy party with a donation drive like we did for our local animal shelter.  Join us and lend a paw!

Additional Puppy Birthday Party Ideas:

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  1. Lisa scali

    Good morning,
    I am hosting a puppy party for my 10 year old daughter. I love the table you set , can u tell me where you purchased the dog house boxes for the tables?

    • Brianna Adams

      I’m so glad we were able to get you all set up with the boxes. I hope your party is amazing!!

  2. Jackie

    Our puppy party collection is one of my all time favorites! The puppy theme is too cute!

  3. Beth M. Salzman

    I think the drinks are my favorite detail! So tail-waggin’ cute!

  4. Sugarpartiesla

    So many cute ideas for a Pawty ! Total inspiration.


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