Neighborhood BOO Basket Printable

Boo Bag Printable for Halloween Neighbor Gifts


Boo Basket Printable

The rules of Boo Baskets are simple:

  1. Put together fun Halloween surprises for your neighbors.
  2. Print out these printables to include in your gift:
    • You've Been Boo'd to explain the game (2 per page 5″x7″)
    • We've Been Boo'd for neighbors to display on their front door (1 per page 8″x10″)
    • Say Boo to Germs tags to tie on the Boo Bag for a fun COVID Halloween (8 tags per page, 4 designs)
  3. Drop bags off to TWO neighbor houses in secret. 

Spread Halloween love, not germs! Print as many of these as you'd like. Start in your neighborhood, then surprise someone in another. You don't have to stop at TWO. Think of someone who might need a pick me up and add them to the list. 

Use our Boo Bag gift suggestions HERE or come up with your own Halloween gift ideas. I hope you use your Boo Basket Printable to bring a little joy to those around you this Halloween! 

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