Potion Bottles for Halloween DIY Apothecary Jars
September 15, 2020
Green potion bottle with white wax dripping in top

Potion Bottles for Halloween DIY Apothecary Jars

Potion bottles for Halloween anyone!? I've always loved the eerie look of dusty bottles all lined up with their mysterious contents on the shelves of an apothecary. Do you ever imagine what kind of spells the different ingredients might go to?

I started to DIY Apothecary jars a few years ago and love my little collection and I'd be so happy to help you out with yours!

Potion bottles for Halloween apothecary by Salt Lake Party Stylist

13 Days of Halloween Inspiration

Welcome to the the 13 Days of Halloween Inspiration! Jordan from Jordan's Easy Entertaining and I are bringing you great ideas everyday! Day 3 is all about HALLOWEEN CRAFTS you can do with your kids!

Potion bottles are great activity for a wide range of skillsets. Little ones? Have them simply paste the label on. Elementary kids can cut labels and distress the bottle with paint. Older kids? They'll be able to complete the whole project with a little supervision on the dripping wax.

Who knew these Potion bottles would be a family affair!?

Halloween Potion Bottle Supplies

Glass bottles, paint, and labels for diy apothecary jars

This project is SO easy it almost feels like cheating. But first thing's first. You need to start collecting cool bottles.

Dollar Tree has some that are fun {clear glass on the left in photo above} but get creative and see if that olive oil bottle, or dehydrated onion container might have another life. Upcycling is a pastime of mine and nearly any bottle CAN be made cool. So just start collecting NOW.

If none of your food bottles are interesting, scout thrift stores for fun shapes, jars with handles, basically anything out of the ordinary.

Halloween Potion Labels First

Green potion bottle with fun Halloween poison label

First thing's first, select a cool label to add to your potion bottle. There's a couple here to download if you're interested.

After you've printed and cut the desired label, use Mod Podge to glue the back and front of the label to get it stuck down tight and seal up the paper. You have a choice between gloss, and matte finishes. I prefer the matte to give it more of an aged feel.

Distress Potion Bottles for Halloween

Pouring paint onto white plate for diy Halloween potion bottles

Once your label is dry it's time to add a little aged distressing to the glass. Mix a little brown or gray paint with Mod Podge and mix well.

Distressing green bottle with paint for diy apothecary jars

Then you want to give the bottle a nice coat, letting it dry, before going back and dabbing more paint just on the areas that would gather dust.

You can paint over the label to age it further or just paint to the edges for a cleaner appearance.

DIY Apothecary Jar for Kids

Wartcap powder potion bottle for halloween

It's possible for the kids to do a great job on these. I cut the label and helped get it glued on straight but my daughter distressed this one fabulously.

Pick Your Poison

What do you fill your potion bottle up with? Honestly, if the glass is colored, I leave them empty. When your bottles are clear however it's really fun to add some texture or color. My favorite items:

  • Colored water or oil – cheap and easy
  • Sand and glitter
  • Feathers
  • Batting and spiders
  • Dried herbs & flowers

Top Your Potion Bottle Off

Green potion bottle with white wax dripping in top

Now that your bottle is dry and filled, it's time to add the finishing details. Using a cork stopper is a great way to seal it up and my favorite topper is melted wax.

Find a candle, light it up, and let the wax drip on top. You'll want to puddle wax on top until it's covered then let it dry.

Then let some drip down the sides if desired for super creepy look.

Amber bottle with red wax seal

And don't forget to mix it up with the colors. Red, white, purple, and black wax all look fabulous!

Set Up Your Apothecary Stand

Halloween apothecary bottle display

Are you ready to start your own spooky apothecary shop now? I love this part of the house at Halloween. You can see how I make the Potion Bottles for Halloween the star of the show in this apothecary post! And you can too!

If you do try making a few potions I'd love to see them. And if you share, I want to see it! Please tag us @partieswithacause on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. We love seeing all your hard work! 

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Halloween apothecary DIY Potion bottles by Salt Lake Party Stylist

Day 3 Halloween Kid Crafts

Now take a look at these fun Dollar Tree Halloween crafts for kids from Jordan's Easy Entertaining.

Dollar Tree Halloween crafts for kids

More Fun Halloween Crafts:

Day 4: Join us again tomorrow for great ideas on Halloween Appetizers


  1. Natalie Mayhew

    Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without potion bottles! These are adorable and so simple!

    • Brianna Adams

      It’s SO simple. We could get complicated but who needs that!?🤣


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