One Love First Birthday Party
February 2, 2018
Backyard parties are the best with tie dye table clothes and Jamaican Catering.

One Love first birthday party. Rasta cake and musical celebration.

Feature Friday: One Love First Birthday

I'm excited to introduce a new friend for our featured party today, Quanda Allen of Q. Monique Allen comes to us from Washington DC with a residential interior design and lifestyle blog. It's been so fun following her journey as a first time custom home builder and her love of all things Mountain Modern. I totally love her style and I'm thrilled she shared her son's One Love First Birthday Party with us today. I'll let her take it away…

Jamaican Themed Party

Great rasta favor table for a ONE LOVE first birthday party.

“One Love, one heart, let’s get together and feel alright!” Those incredible words from Bob Marley inspired the first birthday party of Logan Tyler Hobson. The One Love themed event was a gathering for family and friends to come together to celebrate Logan turning one. The One Love theme colorfully dressed all of the party decor. From red, green and yellow tie dyed table cloths to musical gift bags, there was something for everyone.

When I was pregnant with Logan, I used Belly Buds to play music. Since my husband is an avid Bob Marley fan, I found an instrumental version for Logan. It was on repeat with a few nursery rhymes and books that I recorded using my own voice. When Logan was born, we still played lots of Bob Marley in the house because he found it calming (no surprise!). Our family loves Bob so much that he is the only person hanging on our walls. We have taken the One Love theme into Logan’s library where we have collects books written by Bob Marley’s daughter, Cedella. 

Jamaican Food

Birthday cake in red, yellow, and green with Rastafari one on top for a ONE LOVE first birthday party.

The cake was a masterpiece with different colored fondant and a number “1” sporting a Rastacap with dreads! {How cute is that!?} Bonus that it tasted amazing!

Backyard parties are the best with tie dye table clothes and Jamaican Catering.

No Jamaican themed party would be complete without festive food and entertainment! Our dinner was catered by a local Jamaican restaurant, Spice – A Caribbean Jerk. Though we brought in a few less spicy options for the kids, like Chick-fil-A nuggets! Our backyard was the perfect venue for a first birthday party. Kids could run around and dance with room enough for a large buffet table. 

Raggae Entertainment

Baba Ras D musician on bongo for a ONE LOVE first birthday party.

Our featured performer, Baba Ras D, has performed over 1,000 shows at Bloombars, a community art center, in DC. Each weekend he performs to a room full of enthusiastic babies and toddlers. Baba Ras D embodies One Love. He has an impressive array of original songs like “Pass the Peace” and kid friendly Bob Marley covers. He also does a great job of getting kids moving with kid favorites like “The Wheels on the Bus”.

Men playing drums while mom and baby watch for a ONE LOVE first birthday party

{Just look at all the fun they are having! Baba Ras D is someone I'd love to have at one of MY parties!}

Baby playing with a shaker on a bongo for a ONE LOVE first birthday party.

He played a variety of kid friendly songs that included Bob Marley covers. The kids and adults sang along!

Kids Favor Table

Great rasta favor table for a ONE LOVE first birthday party.

Each child (or adult) was able to make their our bean shaker using water bottles and a variety of dried beans. It was a total hit and the kids were able to join in and make music with Baba Ras D. We also had bubble wands, mini maracas, and colorful scarves for dancing.

Mom and baby enjoying music with bongo. ONE LOVE first birthday party.

The kids loved being able follow along with the music using their own instruments. 

Things I learned

Rasta cake for ONE LOVE first birthday party. Colorful bubble wand favors.

Although the cake was beautiful it wasn't Logan's favorite!

Birthday boy ready to get down and dance at his ONE LOVE first birthday party.

Logan had a great time but he did not like his smash cake! Instead of enjoying the sweet treat he cried and cried! Maybe next time we'll just give him a slice! Or maybe he just wanted to get down and keep dancing! {Do you blame him!?}

Happy Birthday Logan

Woman holding baby with party hat on. Tie dyed tablecloth behind them for ONE LOVE first birthday party

Logan’s One Love First birthday party was a smash hit! 

It was such a joy to plan this party for my sweet baby boy. In preparation for the event I decided I needed a something special of my own. My lovely top was custom made for me in Ghana by True FondThey also made my baby shower dress so I thought it most appropriate to celebrate Logan’s birthday with this beauty. I selected the fabric and colors to match our party theme. I also created the custom design {which is completely fabulous!}.

One Love First Birthday Party Sources

Affiliate links are provided for your shopping convenience. By clicking and purchasing, I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you. Please see my disclosure page for any questions. Thanks for supporting Halfpint Design so we can continue providing awesome party ideas!

Wooden Fiesta Maracas: Amazon 

Oversized Bubbles: Amazon

Number 1 Piñata: Amazon

Holographic Star Mylar Balloons in Green, Red, and Yellow: Amazon

Rasta Swirl Table Cloth: Amazon {Love that these can be used for wall hangings or a summer bed spread after the party!}

Bamboo Plates and cutlery: Amazon

Catering by Spice, a Caribbean Jerk Restaurant 

Entertainment by Baba Ras D 

Quanda's Custom Top by True Fond

Feature Summary

Thank you so much for sharing Quanda! I love how bright and fun this One Love First Birthday Party is. Celebrating life, love, and music seems fitting for a first birthday party. Children are so drawn to music with a zest for life and the connection little Logan has with Bob Marley makes it all the more special. Knowing your story makes this all the more fun! I really like that Quanda used the palm leaf plates and bamboo cutlery. While speaking to the tropics it also gives a nod of “One Love” for Mother Earth as well.

While living in the Cayman Islands {“neighboring” Jamaica} for a while and I was able to try some fabulous Jamaican food. My favorites were the jerk chicken and fried plantains. Some new and interesting foods were breadfruit and jackfruit which are sweet and starchy. The most interesting thing I tried was ackee and codfish, but it was a little spicy for me! I love enjoying the sounds and flavors of different places and cultures. If you aren't in the D.C. area, check out a local Jamaican restaurant and give it a try. If you are a Salt Lake City local check out the Jamaica's Kitchen food truck.

I hope you enjoyed this bright and colorful One Love first birthday party as much as I did. What a great way to usher in February, the month of LOVE! If we could just be of “One Love, One Heart”. My challenge to you this month is to “get together and feel alright!” Let's make Bob proud and share all the love.

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Until next time,

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  1. Brenda

    what a fun party theme and those tie dyed table covers are the perfect accent for the food displays

  2. like Sara...but with a d

    The party is almost as cute as that baby! Oh my gosh what a cutie!

  3. Joy in the Commonplace

    I love how colorful and fun this party is!! So cool!

  4. Kalena

    What a cute theme. I love the tiny beenie on the cake. Too bad Logan didn’t like it so much.

  5. Nathalie @ Press Print Party!

    That is a theme I wouldn’t have thought of! So much fun! And the pics of the little boy not happy in his chair are precious!!!

  6. Lori

    Oh what a fun party!! I love that festive theme and those tie-dyed table covers!! Making me wish for some summer parties!!

  7. Beth

    Love the colors and the vibe! Great for any age!

  8. Carolina

    Love how colorful this party looks and the the whole family seem to had a blast!! LOVE IT!!

  9. Susan

    What a fun theme ! I love how unique this party is. So many great details. That cake was perfect too !


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