2020 New Years Eve Party Ideas for the Family
December 21, 2020
Into the wild with cheetah plates for a New Years eve party

2020 New Years Eve Party Ideas for the Family

New Years Eve Party ideas abound but THIS YEAR, to mark the close of 2020, we needed something special. We're limited on the guest list and home is the new venue, so let's create a family friendly party you can pull off in your living room!

New Years Party letterboard, headbands, and glasses

This New Years Eve party was designed in partnership with Zurchers Party Store. I received products in exchange for my services but, as always, all project ideas and opinions are my own. For more information you can visit our full disclosure policy.

Into the WILD of 2021

Into the WILD of 2021 New Years Eve Party by Salt Lake Party Stylist

The events of 2020 have us sprinting towards years end, but since we have NO idea what the coming year will hold it feels a bit like running headlong into the WILD! Uncertainty mixed with optimism brought our theme to life for this family friendly New Years Eve party!

I hope you enjoy the inspiration and gather a few ideas for your own celebration.

New Years Eve Party Table

Simple New Years Party table

It doesn't take a lot to make your house festive! We set our New Year's party table up at the bar in the kitchen. Super easy for the kids to access, for me to serve, and it keeps the mess contained!

I love adding hanging elements for interest and fill the whole space. These glittered honeycombs with tassels are a perfect fit!

Create a simple table runner with black gift wrap, filigree gold placemats, and holiday confetti.

New Years Place Setting

Into the wild with cheetah plates for a New Years eve party

Your New Years place settings don't have to be complicated. A simple 12×12 sheet of black cardstock worked perfectly as a placemat for the main event. How AMAZING are these animal print plates from Meri Meri!? The cheetah plate inspired this entire theme!

Because I'm combining themes {safari and New Years? 🤣} I doubled up the napkins, Happy New Year with the cheetah print napkin, and added some paper embellishments to the cheetah. Now we have a perfectly coordinated “Into the Wild” New Years party, like it was totally meant to be!

New Years Centerpiece

Mini piñata centerpieces for New Years Eve

In the spirit of keeping things totally doable, the centerpiece creates the 2021 New Year with mini number pinatas placed on a white tray and elevated on a cake plate strung with animal print ribbon. Then sprinkle the whole thing with additional New Years confetti!

New Years Party Food

When planning your New Years Eve party menu keep it simple. All you'll need is a few snacks to keep the kids fueled up and happy.

Cheetah Corn

Cheetah popcorn cones for New Years party

What's not to love about chocolate drizzled popcorn!? Especially when served up in a custom cone with a New Years tag. You can get the super simple Safari Popcorn How-To HERE! These were inspired by Menu Musings but mine are semi-homemade!

Cheetah Cupcakes

Cheetah cupcakes for New Years party food

The cheetah cupcakes take a little more work but are such a fun surprise that it's totally worth it. And if you know me….I'm not a baker. So if I can make these, so can you! Snag the Cheetah Cupcake recipe HERE.

New Years Parfaits

Blackberry, banana, coconut parfaits for New Years

Since I've got to have healthy options yogurt parfaits are my favorite for ease, looks, and taste. This blackberry, banana, coconut version is also quite tropical and fits right into our WILD theme!

Sunset Punch

Sunset punch for New Years

As the sun sets on another year, this ombre Sunset punch with sherbet is the perfect beverage for a kid-friendly New Years toast! Sang the recipe here, coming soon! And make sure to serve it in a gold sugar rimmed plastic champagne flute so everyone feels fancy!

Food and fun with a family friendly New Years Eve Party on the WILD side

But wait….the food table is only PART of this celebration. What about the countdown!? Well, I'm happy you asked cause this one is SO FUN!

Into the WILD New Years Fun

Into the WILD of 2021 New Years Backdrop

With a little safari and a lot of gold, this animal print balloon clock is the perfect way to count down the main event! You'll need lots of black, gold, and clear confetti balloons for the floor. Because, well, balloons + kids = party.

And when choosing your balloons make sure to get a high quality option so they can biodegrade safely. I love the Zurchers allows you to purchase single balloons so you can mix and match your color scheme without having to purchase whole packages.

Then frame it out with these abstract tropical “trees” made from a cut gold door curtain, 5″ white balloon clusters, and faux monstera leaves. Save time by purchasing gold glitter letters {available in store at Zurchers or online at My Minds Eye} to create your phrase and give them a black paper outline.

Happy New Year Countdown

Confetti balloon countdown for New Years
PS. I needed to knife to pop my balloon cause they aren't inflated all the way and are really stretchy. The pin didn't work. Try something really sharp, but make sure to be safe!!

As you count down the hours to the main event add to the excitement by filling your clock balloons with confetti and popping one every hour. Now here's where it gets interesting. Here's where you get to CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE!

I Have LITTLE Kids

Throw a NOON YEARS PARTY and do your count down at 12 o'clock in the afternoon. Pop one balloon each minute for an action packed finale. Followed by a celebratory lunch party and get 'em to bed early!

I Have SCHOOL Aged Kids

Set your clock up but pop the 1 o'clock balloon at 10 or 11am. Work your way around the clock popping one every hour until you do your final countdown at 9 or 10pm for a reasonable bedtime. But the kids still feel like they're staying up late and so grown up when they get to pop all 12 balloons.

I Have TWEENS or TEENS {or Just us Grownups}

Do your thing and stay up til midnight! Pop one balloon an hour or go for it in the last 12 seconds of the year and race the clock by popping one every second! It's a fun and silly way to celebrate but everyone is SURE to have fun!!


If you've got a large spread of kiddos or multiple families together you can actually have TWO SETS of balloons. Do the first one with the littles and put them down. Then play some great white noise as they sleep and celebrate the clock countdown all over again at midnight. Or 9pm. Whatever works for you!

New Years Eve Party Accessories

Bar cart with non-alcoholic bubbly, noise makers, and accessories for New Years Eve Party

While the balloon clock is definitely the main event, having a bar cart of fun accessories is sure to add a little fun. Give guests the option of New Years hats, Happy New Year necklaces, Happy New Year headbands, glasses, and noisemakers!

Martinelli's flutes with sugared rims for a family friendly new years eve party

The bar cart is perfect for serving the midnight toast champagne flutes. I chose to keep the sunset punch in the kitchen and off the carpet! Sparkling cider makes for a fun and beautiful family friendly drink. Just make sure to sugar these rims and dress them up with a topper as well!

New Years Eve noisemakers for a family friendly party

Gotta love letter boards to say what everyone is thinking! 2021 has got to be better…..right? With a party like this I think it's off to a great start.

Hand out the more sanitary handheld noisemakers or put names on the party horns! I love this collection of pretty metal ones. Don't you just love the New Years confetti everywhere? My hubs says no, but I love all things confetti and glitter.

New Years glasses, hats, headbands, and confetti for a family party

The icing on the cake are the confetti poppers I purchased for each child to let them make a glorious mess to celebrate. You can pick these up in the Zurchers stores as well.

If you try your own family friendly New Years Eve Party, I'd love to hear about it in the comments below. And if you share photos, I want to see it too! Please tag us @partieswithacause on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. We love celebrating all your hard work! 

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Family friendly New Years Eve Party by Salt Lake Party Stylist

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Until next time my friend! Signature and photo


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