Neighborhood Gift Ideas Elf Christmas Quotes
November 16, 2022
Buddy the Elf Neighborhood gift Idea

Neighborhood Gift Ideas Using Elf Christmas Quotes

Need Neighborhood Gift Ideas? Try this fun Christmas gift using Elf Christmas Quotes.

Fun fact, my husband hates Christmas neighbor gifts! BUT he really likes our neighbors. He just hates when I save the putting together of said gifts and we end up driving around delivering gifts last minute on Christmas Eve!

I really don't blame him. So I let him choose the gift and I'd come up with a cute way to package it. He decided on sausage and cheese. “Cause who wouldn't want to get sausage and cheese!?” He asks.

I think he tried to stump me!

Buddy the Elf Neighborhood gift Idea

Beef and Cheese Neighborhood Gift Idea

But the joke's on him cause I came up with an AWESOME neighbor gift that's on theme and everyone really did seem to love!

I went to our Go-To Christmas movie: ELF. Since the whole movie is a stream of classic Christmas quotes it's hard to choose a favorite, but that also means you can use nearly ANY of them for a Christmas neighbor gift that friends are sure to love!

Here's one of the Elf Movie Quotes we love and allowed me to pull off a rather random neighbor gift in style!

You don't smell like Santa! You smell like beef and cheese!

– Buddy the Elf

Gather Your Beef and Cheese

Buddy the Elf Neighborhood gift supplies

The mini World Market items are my favorite if you have lots of Neighborhood gifts to give but they don't always carry them, so I'll give a couple of options:


The cheese needs to be pasteurized and packaged so it can sit in a gift bag without refrigeration for a bit. Check the specialty cheese section of your local grocery store.

  • Brie wedges – World Market
  • Cheddar Wedges – World Market
  • Laughing Cow – Grocery store
  • My hubby suggested Cheese Wiz but I put my foot down on that one. Makes a great Ugly Christmas Sweater party favor though!


Summer sausage is a great way to go because they're all over stores for the Christmas season and most people enjoy the taste. You could also give Beef Jerky or a Slim Jim for the redneck Christmas!

  • Mini Summer Sausages – World Market
  • Larger Summer Sausage – Grocery Store

Neighborhood Gifts Tag with Buddy the Elf

Buddy the Elf Christmas Gift Tag

If you know… know! There were a few people on our gift list that hadn't seen the movie and thought this was a strange gift 🤣 but everyone else loved the tag….and the gift!

These Buddy the Elf Beef and Cheese Gift tags are now available in the shop so you can wow your neighbors this year too!

The top message is editable so you can wish friends a Happy Holiday, Merry Christmas, or whatever you'd like! Just edit, print, and cut. I recommend using card stock for printing.

Package Up Your Neighborhood Gifts

Buddy the Elf Neighborhood gift Idea

Use a clear cello bag to package up your meat and cheese, or place items in a small gift bag and attach the tag to the outside. For these I cut a piece of red card stock and slipped it inside the bag to keep everything in place.

Then tie on the tag and add the Elf Foot for the perfect decoration!

Buddy the Elf Neighborhood Gift Idea

Here's to eating your beef and cheese……not smelling like it!

Do you love Buddy the Elf as much as we do? This Beef and Cheese package makes a great Christmas gift for friends and neighbors. You can even make them up as party favors for an Elf Movie Party.

If you try this neighborhood gift idea, I'd love to hear about it in the comments below. And if you share photos, I want to see it too! Please tag us @partieswithacause on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. We love celebrating all your hard work! 

Then join me, your Healthy Hostess for merry Christmas Ideas all season long!


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Elf Christmas Quote neighborhood gift ideas

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Until next time my friend! Signature and photo

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