Movie Star Party Magic
February 21, 2018

Budget Friendly Movie Star Party. Party favors, and movie party treats. Halfpint Design - Oscar Party, Movie Party, Rock Star

Movie Star Party Magic

Roll out the red carpet because here comes a STAR! This birthday was an “off-year” birthday party for my daughter. Which is supposed to mean no birthday party with friends. I agreed to a movie date with ONE friend but the party designer inside me couldn’t stand it and Movie Star Party Magic set in! Now I am the first to admit that this party is NOT magazine worthy. In fact, I was tempted to not even show it to you, but that got me thinking. Why? Because it’s not perfect. That’s why. The lighting isn’t great. I don’t have an elaborate food table. The list goes on.

That lead to some deeper reflection as to whether my “perfectly” styled party photoshoots are doing more harm than good. Those shoots aren’t real life, and most people aren’t ever going to live up to that. THAT’S exactly the kind of feeling I set out to avoid when I started this whole blog journey. So I must apologize that I’ve gotten a little carried away in recent months and I want to get back to my imperfect reality. I’ll still do styled shoots here and there but I want to make sure I give you the real story. Build up your confidence that you CAN throw an awesome party for your kids without the worry of it being Pinterest perfect. Because I can tell you that these kids had an absolute blast. And isn’t that what this is all about anyway?

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Movie Star Party Printables Movie star party instant download, party printables. Perfect for a movie party, Oscar party, or even a rock star party. on Halfpint Design

Before we opened up our HalfpintPartyDesign Etsy shop selling our own custom designed party invitations, I found all my invites on Etsy. Same as you. I just loved this set by Party Printables To Go. I realized a LONG time ago that themed party signage are the details that takes a party from good to great.

Movie Star Party Favors

Movie Star party favors. Glittered sunglasses, feather boas, and VIP backstage passes for each guest. Perfect for a movie party, oscar party, or rock star party. On Halfpint Design.

You may recall my love affair with party favors! These favors were so fun for the birthday girl and I to put together. The best part? We picked everything up at Dollar Tree!

Movie Star party favor. Mini purse, bracelets. feather boa, sequin headband, movie candy, and VIP pass. Halfpint Design

For the perfect Movie Star Party swag bag you will need:

Movie Star Party favor bag with glittered sunglasses, beaded necklace, feather boa, and movie candy. Movie party, Oscar party, Rock Star Party. Halfpint Design

The girls loved their swag bags! I tied a huge gold star left over from our New Year’s party to the front of each bag.

Movie Star Snacks

Hot Fresh Popcorn is a must have for a movie party. As are cute plates and napkins! Movie Star Party, Oscar Party, Rock Star Party on Halfpint Design

This is one party I didn’t go all out with food. I made a veggie & fruit tray, bought Doritos {birthday girl request} and served peanut butter and jam sandwiches. They weren’t even cut out in a cute shape or anything! The one thing I did do was get cute plates and napkins.

Cold beverages are a must for the movies. Soda in glass bottles are a fun party upgrade. Movie Star Party, Oscar Party, Rock Star Party on Halfpint Design

And some fun drinks.

The girls felt fancy drinking their soda from glass bottles with cute paper straws. Movie Star Party, Oscar Party, Rock Star Party on Halfpint DesignWhich the girls felt fancy drinking out of glass bottles with their cute striped paper straws.

Roll out the Red Carpet

Welcome to the movie star party! Movie director's clapboard sign to welcome guests. Halfpint Design. Movie party, Oscar party, Rock Star Party ideas.

After lunch we rolled out the red carpet for a photoshoot. Each guest came dressed in Movie Star apparel and donned their swag bag accessories for the paparazzi. I lined our stairs with red plastic table covers and added actual red carpet samples to the end. Star balloons in black and gold lined the stairwell as a backdrop.

Oh my gosh you guys, I’m dying over this picture! My son also wanted in on the action. I had a “rock star” outfit picked for him but he comes down all a-swagger in this Hawaiian ensemble and his daddy’s drum sticks. This kid knows how to party. Add some shades and he’s definitely got the rock star vibe!

Strike a Pose

Birthday girl movie star red carpet photohoot. Movie Star Party on Halfpint Design. Movie party, Oscar party, Rock Star party ideas.

Feeling so fancy in all her swag. Then I asked her to “strike a pose.”

Birthday girl in a movie star photoshoot trying to strike a pose! Halfpint Design. Movie party, Oscar party, Rock Star party ideas.

We might need to work on our poses!

Movie star party photoshoot. Striking a pose. Halfpint Design. Movie party, Oscar party, Rock Star party ideas.

At least her guests felt pretty comfortable in front of the camera!

Movie star party photoshoot. Striking a pose. Halfpint Design. Movie party, Oscar party, Rock Star party ideas.

How cute are they!?

VIP Guest Passes

Birthday girl. Movie time VIP backstage passes gained entrance to the family room for a Movie Star Party. Halfpint Design. Movie party, Oscar party, Rock Star party ideas.

I printed a VIP guest pass for each guest and they were required to show it before being admitted upstairs for the movie. Even though we’d already seen it, my daughter chose the movie SING. It was the perfect choice for a Movie Star Party!

Mini-Oscars: for the best children's movies of 2016 voted on by children | Halfpint Design - Sing

Movie Treats

Movie popcorn in reusable plastic popcorn containers. Perfect for a Movie Star party! Halfpint Design. Movie party, Oscar party, Rock Star party ideas.

We saved the popcorn, sodas, and movie candy for the actual viewing portion of the party. We opened all the boxes of candy and poured them into glass bowls so everyone could share the different kinds.

A Star is Born

Star banner for a Movie Star Party. Halfpint Design. Movie party, Oscar party, Rock Star party ideas.

A Movie Party is the perfect theme for any birthday. I’m not usually a big “watch a movie with your friends” mom, but this was the perfect way to end the day. Feeling fancy, all curled up with your best friends on the sofa, singing along to SING in a plastic microphone. What could be better than that!?

Movie Star Party Sources:

You can find the rest of the items here:

This party was so easy to put together. The most time consuming piece was double stick taping the red table cover to the stairs. {and then peeling it all back up again!} A party doesn’t need to be elaborate or expensive to be fabulously fun. A few trips to the Dollar Store and viola…. Movie Star Party Magic! This would be great for a kid’s Oscar party, or modified just a bit for a Rock Star party. If you host a movie party I’d love to see photos. Send them in on our Submissions page for a chance to be highlighted on our Feature Friday. We’d love to show off all your hard work.

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Until next time,

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  1. Nathalie - Press Print Party!

    Very cute. Kids parties don’t need to be complicated. And I agree that a set of printables bring the whole thing together. Your kids are adorable.

  2. Twinspirational

    This is so cute! We are currently working on our Oscars party and need to come back here for some ideas!

  3. Joy in the Commonplace

    I love all the details! Looks like it was a blast!

  4. Carolina

    Bri, this is absolutely fun!! Love all the details!!

  5. Corrine

    Your kids are too cute, and what an awesome party Bri! I hear you, I get carried away too when it comes to party planning.

  6. Susan

    Oh this looks so fun ! And looks like the kiddos just had a blast !!!

  7. Lori

    I love this adorable inspiration Bri!! You always come up with the best ideas! Those passes are darling! …and great movie choice too! 🙂

  8. Beth

    Bri, thank you for this wonderful movie star party! I’m going to use these ideas for the next time I throw and Oscars or Emmys party!

  9. kathyradigan

    What a fun idea!!!!! I will keep this in mind the next time I need to plan a party. Thanks!

  10. jcantral

    What a fun party theme!


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