Monster Truck Party Menu
September 1, 2017
Halfpint Design - party food, event menu

Designing the menu to fit the theme is half the fun! Creating fun names and labels makes simple food more interesting for the guests. Monster Truck Party Menu | Halfpint Design - party food, event menuMonster Truck Party Menu

I had so much fun with this Monster Truck Birthday! I thought I'd break down our simple Monster Truck Party Menu so you can see how easy it really can be to have a great looking party with easy food the guests enjoy. This menu was not my style. Like, at all. But it WAS my son's style. So I ran with it and tried to increase the nutritional profile anywhere I could!


Gatorade as "Anti-freeze" and Water as "Fuel" as two of the beverage options. Monster Truck Party Menu | Halfpint Design - party food, event menu

Ok, so the yellow Gatorade as anti-freeze was pretty much a must have. I'm not a huge fan of the sugary drink but we also had “Fuel” {water} which I was happy to see the kids consuming as well.

Chocolate milk as "Pit Mud" for one beverage option. Monster Truck Party Menu | Halfpint Design - party food, event menu

The second beverage request was chocolate milk. I also had regular milk on hand for anyone who so desired. But it turns out no one is really interested in milk when it's so hot outside! I'm not a milk drinker or I probably would have known that! So we saved these babies for another day.

Had I known I would have scrapped the whole thing. Can I let you in on something? My printer refused to print the beverage label file!? Who knows why. I WAS able to print the tent label just fine. Which worked, but my vision was a little skewed already. Thank heavens the Fuel labels printed several days before or I would have been really sad. All the tags and labels shown are available from our Monster Truck Party Printable Package.

Grab your tools!

Extra plates and utensils for the adults displayed in a rusty old toolbox. Monster Truck Menu | Halfpint Design - party food, event menu

It's not flashy but I really loved the rusty metal tool holder I used for extra napkins, plates, and utensils for the adults. Because I set the table I didn't have a lot of extras but I had several awesome moms stay and visit through the party and I wanted to make sure to feed them too.

Place settings for a Monster Truck Party Menu! Halfpint Design with Party Printables from HalfpintPartyDesign on Etsy. Boy party theme.

I loved pairing the checkered lunch plates with the racing tire dessert plates. The diamond plate monster truck napkins and Monster Truck tire cups finished it off nicely.

You may be asking yourself WHY did I need the tire cups when I was serving bottled beverages?? And you would be right. I didn't! They were decoration and meant to be sent home with the rest of the favors. But the guests loved them so much we ended up filling quite a few with water. For a shot of the whole table you can check out the rest of the party at our Monster Truck Birthday Party Smash.

Monster Truck Party Menu Summary

Great backdrop for a fun party. Easy to do with large photos, a table cover, letter balloons, and a tissue paper garland. Monster Truck Party Menu | Halfpint Design with Party Printables from HalfpintPartyDesign on Etsy. Boy party theme. 5th birthday. Boy theme.

For an overview you can see the entire food table. It wasn't huge. We had 8 children and 5 adults. I always end up making too much food so this was pretty much perfect. A little variety but not too much.

  • Mandarin Oranges = “Shift Knobs”
  • Blueberries = “Lug Nuts”
  • Corn dogs = “Hand Tools”
  • Yogurt tubes = “Dip Sticks”
  • Mac n' cheese = “Wheelie Pasta”
  • Chex Mix = “Nuts & Bolts”
  • And last but not least the cake, of course!

Dessert First

Awesome Monster Truck Tire birthday cake by Emily Knowles. Monster Truck Party Menu | Halfpint Design - party food, event menu

I have to kick off our tour with this awesome Monster Truck tire cake! I love it so much. And love even more that I didn't have to make it!! If you don't know me very well yet, I'm not a baker. But lucky for me my cousin IS.

Emily Knowles is not a professional cake maker, she's just a very talented momma! Thank heavens!! My son is a chocolate lover through and through and asked for chocolate fudge cake with Oreo filling! He loved it. And I think it's safe to say, so did everyone else.

Shift Knobs and Lug Nuts

Bringing fruit and veggies into the menu is a must for me. We added mandarin oranges and blueberries for increased nutrition that also supported the complementary blue and orange color scheme! Monster Truck Party Menu | Halfpint Design - party food, event menu

Trying to come up with a fun truck name for a spherical object was tough but I think it works just fine! I loved that the blueberries look a little like a mini nut! I had also planned to cut watermelon shapes but decided against it since we already had fruit and it didn't work into the complementary blue and orange color scheme!

I do regret not having a veggie, like carrots that would fit the color scheme, but even a healthy foodie makes mistakes sometimes!

Hand tools

Chicken corndogs as "Hand Tools". Monster Truck Party Menu | Halfpint Design - party food, event menu

Does anyone else think corndogs are a questionable food item? If so, I'm with you. I chose baked chicken corn dogs to make myself feel a little bit better! BUT the kids loved them and food on sticks is definitely the way to go! So easy.

Wheelie Pasta

Good ol' mac and cheese was a must have for the birthday boy. Wanted wheels but these had to do! Monster Truck Party Menu | Halfpint Design - party food, event menu

Something usually always goes wrong with a party, most of you just don't ever see it. This time I had TWO issues, I mean the beverage labels I could handle, but the mac n' cheese was my achilles heel. Something so silly, I know.

I had my heart set on the wheel shaped noodles for homemade mac n' cheese. I'd seen them plenty of times {I thought} so waited until just a few days before the party to shop for the food. I was shocked to find they weren't stocked in my local grocery store. Or the one down the street. Or the big box across town. Or the grocery by my husband's office. Boo!

I scrambled for a minute but in the end, deflated, gave in when my son said he'd rather have the blue box noodles anyway! {sigh} And so goes the party drama! To help dress them up they got their own tumblers with darling little wooden forks. {now I feel better!}

You can't see the yogurt tubes but that's ok. They weren't very pretty! I served them frozen which is a fun treat on a hot day. I chose Chobani brand yogurt because of the increased protein content and slightly less sugar. {not an ad}

Nuts & Bolts

Chex mix as "Nuts and Bolts". Monster Truck Party Menu | Halfpint Design - party food, event menu

Not a health food by any means but this sweet and savory Honey Roasted Chex Mix was really good and made an easy snack to carry around in a cup between activity stations. You can see what we did in our Monster Truck Party Activity Ideas.

Table Accessories

Mixing non-edibles with your buffet helps add drama and texture without adding extra sugar to support the theme. Monster Truck Party Menu | Halfpint Design - party food, event menu

One way to add fun to your food table is to mix in non-edibles that support your theme. They can add pattern, texture, and sometimes needed color without adding all the sugar of dessert buffets that are most often used to strengthen the theme.

Don't get me wrong….those cake pops!? Darling! But I figure that with cake and icecream…we don't really need them. I used these awesome tire pencils as a prop but each guest added one to their favor bag on the way out the door.

Small accents create a beautiful display. Bringing in a rusty oil can and toy monster truck tied design elements together. Monster Truck Party Menu | Halfpint Design - party food, event menu

Bringing in the rusty oil can contrasts the modern lines of the tire track runner and softens the high contrast colors. It also ties in the other vintage metal pieces I borrowed from my neighbors' amazing garage of wonders! I love mixing old and new and always try to incorporate a little of both. Using toy monster trucks throughout was another fun touch. It's handy that my son already owns several!

Let's Eat!

Even when things don't go you have to serve regular blue box mac 'n cheese instead of cute pasta sit back and celebrate anyway! Cause afterall....this is a PARTY!! Monster Truck Party Menu | Halfpint Design - party food, event menu

Now the party is going. Kids are having fun and parents are chatting. I'm going to put my feet up and eat some blue box mac n' cheese! I really enjoyed designing and hosting this party for my sweet boy. It's a privilege and an honor to be his mother. I hope you enjoyed it too!

Let me know what your favorite part of this Monster Truck Party Menu is. Did you miss the donuts? Or did we do ok?

Recommended Reading

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Until next time,

Halfpint Design, personal headshot, Bri Adams


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    Such creative ideas! I know a lot of kids who would LOVE this!


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