Melted Crayon Art Rainbow Tutorial 
March 19, 2019
Melted crayon art rainbow tutorial on canvas for art party

Melted Crayon Art Rainbow tutorial

Melted Crayon Art Rainbow Tutorial 

I've wanted to try a melted crayon art piece for a very long time and when my daughter decided to have an Art Party I knew it was the perfect time to try it out! What's better than a crayon rainbow!? Not much. I can tell you that.

This is also the perfect project for the March Pinterest Challenge, where you stop just pinning great ideas, and actually start MAKING them. This canvas art is not only perfect for a Rainbow Party, but St. Patrick's Day too! And you better believe this little cutie is on full display. I started with this inspiration pin and made it my own.

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Melted Crayon Art Supplies

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Rainbow of crayons selected for Melted crayon art tutorial

This is a pretty simple list of “ingredients”

Why do I need another box? 

Left over crayons from Melted crayon art rainbow

You only technically need 62 crayons BUT not all of them are going to work in a piece of art. Definitely remove the black, grey, and brown colors if working on a rainbow. These poor guys in the photo above are the rejects! Anything that pulled too grey or brown with the other colors…..I pulled out. You don't want your colors getting muddy.

Hairdryer Technique Test

Testing techniques for melted crayon art

As excited as we get starting a new project sometimes we forget to test and it doesn't turn out well. I knew I didn't want all these crayons to go to waste so I decided to test wax melting on LOW heat {on the left} and HIGH heat {on the right}. The pretty drip is what I was after so I set my sites on LOW heat and got to work.

Watching Paint Dry, I Mean Melt….

If you like the look of the crayons on the canvas, glue them straight down. If, like me, you prefer a cleaner canvas, glue them to the foam core strip so that the tips of the crayons are just below the bottom edge. Then tape it to the back of the canvas so it won't fall down during melting.

The video shows it all, well, not ALL. It's missing about 12 minutes of hair dryer action with NO melting wax. The beginning of this process is painfully slow. Remember how I thought I'd use the LOW heat setting? Ha. After the 8th minute I was like, “Nope” and knocked it up to HIGH heat. Although the crayons did melt on high, they melted into puddles that dried and made me super frustrated. You can see as I go back and try to smooth out the lumps.

Whatever the hardships though, this is the most therapeutic DIY ever! There's something so satisfying about watching the wax melt.

Finished Melted Crayon Art Rainbow

Melted crayon art rainbow tutorial on canvas for art party

While this is FAR from perfect, I'm still happy with my efforts as I learned a lot. Be very careful with the angle of the hair dryer or you will blow little bits of wax across the canvas and end up with a mess! {Ahem….I'm looking at you huge red blob at the bottom}.

Display Your New DIY Art Party Decor

Melted crayon art rainbow tutorial on canvas for art party

When it's finished you can use it anywhere! This makes a fabulous backdrop for St. Patrick's Day, rainbow parties, or an Art Party like this one here.

A colorful food table is a must for an Art themed birthday party where you can party like Picasso! Halfpint Design. Art party, painting party, rainbow party.

Party Like Picasso Art Printables: Etsy

Melted crayon art rainbow tutorial on canvas for art party

Simply style your new piece with other rainbow details like these chevron treat cups, a simple watercolor done by the birthday child, colored pencils, markers, and a paint palette.

Melted crayon art rainbow tutorial on canvas for art party

Finally – if you end up with a piece of art that has a little oops, like this one, layer your items in FRONT of it {ceramic crayons} to take the focus off the blob! There is beauty in imperfection and I am learning to embrace it. Posting a less-than-perfect melted crayon art piece takes a leap of faith and learning to let go. Both areas I need to work on.

Pin it for Later

Melted crayon art rainbow canvas tutorial

How about you? If you are fighting your own battle with perfection, don't be shy. Jump in, create, make a mess, and I'll be here to catch you if you fall.

Until next time my friend,

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