Mary Poppins Birthday Party Ideas
June 12, 2019
Themed banner Mary Poppins Party Idea

Penguin piñata Mary Poppins Birthday Party Idea

Mary Poppins Birthday Party Ideas

Looking for Mary Poppins Birthday Party Ideas? With the new Mary Poppins Returns movie it's a hot topic again! But Mary Poppins has been charming children since the first book was published in 1934. I'm not a huge fan of character parties but did you know I ADORE book themes? You can read all about why I'm not a movie theme fan here. If you're a Mary Poppins fan you are going to love these fun ideas from a Featured Birthday party by Samantha.

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Mary Poppins Birthday Party Theme

Mary Poppins Hats for party

When planning a sixth birthday party for my daughter Addie she couldn't decide on a theme. I usually like doing something more unique and less mainstream. She was super excited about going to see Mary Poppins Returns so my aunt and I decided this would be a great a party theme!

Mary Poppins Birthday Party Invitations

Invitations for Mary Poppins Party Idea

These editable invitations by Linda Winegar were super easy and so cute, and I could even see a preview before I bought it! Once I downloaded my edited version of the invite I printed them at Costco on matte photo paper!

Mary Poppins Birthday Party Highlights

Mary Poppins Hat for birthday party

My favorite piece of the party was actually crafting with Addie before the party! We made Mary Poppins Party hats for her, her sister, and me. They were really simple to DIY:

The other fun craft we did together were horses out of pool noodles for a carousel horse race. {see activity section}

Mary Poppins Birthday Party Food ideas

Cheese umbrellas Mary Poppins Party Idea

We kept the menu pretty simple since it was at the park:

  • Pizza
  • Veggie Tray
  • Popcorn
  • Twizzlers
  • Babybel Cheese Umbrellas

I found plastic movie theatre popcorn holders in the dollar bin at target in red and teal which were perfect for the party and ideal for serving up snacks. I got the idea for cheesy umbrellas from Cute Food For Kids.

Mary Poppins Dessert

Spoon full of sugar Mary Poppins Party Idea

For dessert I made spoon full of sugar cake balls from Inspiring Savings and had ice cream cups. We kept the drinks easy with dispensers full of lemonade and water.

More Mary Poppins Food Ideas

Penguin olive snacks Mary Poppins Party Idea

Olive and mozzarella penguins are another idea we didn't get done. These little guys from Persnickity Plates are a perfect addition if you've got the time.

6 Mary Poppins Birthday Party Activity Ideas

The crafts and games I had planned were:

  • “Let's Go Fly a Kite” Making
  • Sidewalk Chalk Art
  • Carousel Horse Race
  • Spoon Full of Sugar Relay
  • Penguin piñata
  • 3D Umbrella Crafting

Let's Go Fly a Kite!

Kite making activity Mary Poppins Party Idea

The kids loved this one and really enjoyed trying to fly the kites once they were decorated!

Sidewalk Chalk Art

Sidewalk chalk art Mary Poppins Party Idea

I brought sidewalk chalk from home and provided black paper in case we had to be under the pavilion due to rain – This kept my two daughters occupied while I set up, but once the party started, no one else really colored. But it's a great nod to the sidewalk art in the movie!

Carousel Horse Races

I made horses out of dollar store pool noodles, felt, and googly eyes using this simple tutorial from Momee Friends of Long Island.  I used more noodles and cones to set up an obstacle course. However, a party parent helped me set up the obstacle course and it really wasn’t what I had in mind. I envisioned a relay race course with two lines and the kids switching off, but when we tried the game, the kids didn’t know where to go – which created chaos.

Overall I think the game would work with less kids and more horses. The kids were honestly more excited that we were near a playground and all they wanted to do was play on that!

Spoon Full of Sugar Relay

My last game was going to be a spoon full of sugar race (which would then lead into dessert). I was planning on splitting the kids into two lines and having them walk across the lawn with a spoon full of sugar to fill up the bowl on the other side. The team who got the most sugar in their bowl would win. However, after the horse race, I didn’t think I could wrangle all the kids again!

Penguin Piñata 

Penguin piñata Mary Poppins Party Idea

We also had this darling custom penguin piñata by Prana Wear! It was so cute I hated to smash it and was grateful for the pull string option on the bottom!

Check this out if you're looking for non-candy piñata filler ideas.

3D Umbrella Crafting 

3D paper umbrellas Mary Poppins Party Idea

Another fun idea are these cute 3D umbrellas that guests could make as a craft or you could just use as decoration. It's probably best for a slightly older crowd. I'd recommend Ages 8+.

Mary Poppins Birthday Party Decorations

Penguin balloon Mary Poppins Party Idea

Since we were outside and it was raining, I didn’t do much, though we did make a few balloon penguins for the tables with this tutorial from HWTM. If I were to have the party in my house there were lots of other fun ideas I gathered like:

Mary Poppins Silhouette Banner

Mary Poppins silhouette banner

I am completely in love with the Mary Poppins silhouettes! It makes for the perfect Marty Poppins birthday party decor. This flying umbrella banner by Forever Oh So Crafty Co are a great addition to any space that needs a little pick me up.

Mary Poppins Quote Party Signs

Mary Poppins Quotes for party

Other areas in need of decor can be transformed with a few of these Mary Poppins printable quotes by Pretty Plain Janes.

Mary Poppins Cake Topper

Mary Poppins silhouette cake topper

If you're serving cake instead of cupcakes this silhouette glitter Mary Poppins cake topper by Party Twinkles is another fun touch. Plus I couldn't resist another silhouette!

Mary Poppins Themed Birthday Banner

Themed banner Mary Poppins Party Idea

Another sweet touch is this colorful cut banner by DEsigns For All Studio representing all things Mary Poppins.

Mary Poppins Skyline Backdrop

Cake table with kites Mary Poppins Party Idea

And if you're looking to go all out with your food table and create a backdrop, this lovely skyline is a fabulous idea! The kite banner, penguin straws, and Cherry Tree lane sign post are all gorgeous details by Streamers Party Supply that will bring your party to life.

Mary Poppins Favor Tags

Favor bag tags Mary Poppins Party Idea

With a large number of kids attending we kept the favors simple with more sidewalk chalk but these favor tags by Allegra Digital are the perfect way to end the perfect day!

Real Party Lessons Learned

This was the first time that we had a birthday party away from our house. We are typically not into renting out a big place and inviting a lot of people. We like to keep things casual, simple, unique, and homemade (I love the homemade part – although pretty stressful – my husband always thinks I’m crazy for this, and I am certainly not a party expert nor a huge crafter but to me this is always my favorite part). Since we had it at a park we invited her whole class as well as other friends. Although I love to include everyone, it was a little too big for our liking. Being at a park was also challenging due to weather, luckily it cleared up as the party was beginning!

Feature Summary

Sam did a fabulous job and with all these ideas. Now we're armed and ready for a fabulous Mary Poppins Birthday Party for any setting! Understanding the limitations of a large guest list is a great lesson. Hosting at a park gives you options for more kids but you've got to simplify other areas in order for it to work. It all turned out wonderfully and I'm so glad Samantha shared it with all of us!

I hope you all enjoyed checking out this party as much as I enjoyed attending it!

Can I feature YOUR next party?

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