Ultimate Gift Guide of Handmade Gift Ideas for Her
November 13, 2018
Custom made dresses modeled after Dutchess Meghan Markle as handmade gift idea for her

Image selection of Handmade gift ideas for her made by someone else

Ultimate Gift Guide of Handmade Gift Ideas for Her {You Don't Have to Make!}

Before we get started into this list of Handmade Gift Ideas, let me clarify that these are geared towards a FEMALE audience. Like your best friends, sisters, mom, and probably YOU, dear reader. And me. Ok, mostly me. I hope you will also like these handmade finds for you or someone you love. There are simple handmade gift ideas that will have you saying, “Oh, I can make that!”. I know I've said it myself about a million times. But I can count on my fingers the number of times I've actually “made that”! So when time gets tight, feel great about giving a heartfelt gift they will love that you can D.I.Buy! Can you say win-win!?

Etsy Handmade Gift Ideas

First of all, where do you search for the best in handmade? I start on Etsy of course. It's my favorite online shopping center for all things creative. Grab a cup of tea, hot cocoa, caramel apple cider, or coffee and let's start crossing names off your holiday gift list!

Affiliate links are provided for your shopping convenience. By clicking and purchasing, I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you. Please see my disclosure page for any questions. Thanks for supporting Halfpint Design so we can continue providing awesome party ideas!

Handmade Gift Ideas to Wear

Custom made dresses modeled after Duchess Meghan Markle as handmade gift idea for her

Anyone else obsessed with Kate Middleton's wardrobe!? I guarantee there's someone on your list that would go crazy for a custom made dress styled after the royal wardrobe. I just might ask Santa for this one myself! You can get several Duchess inspired creations, including this one, from Heart My Closet.

Monogramed purse as handmade gift idea for her

You don't really wear a purse, but you kind of do. Your friend who's always on the lookout for a cute new bag will love this handmade monogramed purse from Whoo New Creations. It's made from faux leather which is easy on the wallet AND the environment but still high in fashion.

Wristlet purse for smart phone as handmade gift ideas for her

And when you have a night on the town {or anyone without kids!this wristlet wallet from Ravens Moon Designs is perfect to hold your smart phone and lipstick essentials in style.

Handmade Gift Accessories

Handwriting bracelet on wrist as handmade gift idea for her

As an accessory collector I can totally appreciate this sentimental gift idea from Caitlyn Minimalist. She can create a bracelet from a sample of handwriting. How cool is that? Choose a note from your Grandmother, spouse, child, or parent. I'm betting there's someone you know who would really appreciate this.

Girl boss necklace on card with quote as handmade gift idea for her

Any girl bosses out there? Give her a little boost with this darling necklace and encouraging card from Rose Water Designs. I know I would love this little gem.

Succulent ring on hand as handmade gift idea for her

Have you fallen in love with succulents too? This handmade succulent ring from Eten Iren makes for a darling accessory you can sport year round with nearly any style!

Handmade for the Kitchen

Painted llama planter as handmade gift idea for her

And when you love succulents you need a few around the house in a darling little home. Enter the latest obsession….the llama! Why llamas? Well, take a look at this little hand-painted llama planter from Scavenge And Bloom! Nuff said. I mean, it's got a monocle for heavens sake!

Japanese cross back apron as handmade gift idea for her

A combination of fashion and function this Japanese cross back apron from Magic Linen is a baker's new best friend! No more strings, just a comfortable apron that doubles as a sweet accessory!

A glitter bottom mug with gold initial as handmade gift idea for her

Know any mug collectors? I sure do! And who wouldn't love this darling glitter bottomed custom initialed beauty? Cashmere And Coco can whip you up an order with an initial or even a logo. Enjoy that morning cuppa {or three} in style!

Handmade Gifts for the Living Room 

Pillow cover with printed names as handmade gift idea for her

This family name pillow cover from Qualtry is such a great idea for mom with the whole family or Grandma with all the grandchildren.

Wooden peg family portrait in frame as unique handmade gift ideas for her

Speaking of the whole family…..how about a family portrait done wooden peg style? I love this design by GluePaperScissorShop. They will customize the portrait for each family: number of people, pets, skin tone, hair color, and even clothing style! Your family will forever be immortalized in maple. Just remember hand-painted artwork like this takes time to perfect so expect a longer production schedule when ordering.

Handmade Stocking Stuffers

Red plaid, gold, and black hair ties as handmade gift idea for her

I'm always on the lookout for the perfect stocking stuffer. That gift I can give to just about anyone and they will love. If they have hair, I can guarantee they will love these holiday hair ties on festive cards from Plum Polka Dot. They are as cute on your wrist as they are in your hair. I'm thinking coworker, neighbor, teacher, coach, and friend gifts as well as stuffing a few stockings. Christina has colors and cards for every holiday and tons of party themes. Let her know if you are looking for something specific. She's been known to make magic before.

White bath bomb with red berried and green holly leaves as handmade gift idea for her

The final item of the list of handmade gift ideas is a favorite of mine…..the ever decadent bath bomb! For the last few years I've talked up making these for my girlfriends and then I always run out of time. But let's be real. My version would NEVER come out as gorgeous as this Tinsel Berry bath bomb by Sunbasil Soap! It's so wonderfully bright and festive. I'm in love with Lauren's entire line up of body butters, sugar scrubs, and soaps. Gift any of these self-care items and you cannot go wrong.

Handmade by Someone

Just because it wasn't handmade by you doesn't make it any less thoughtful. So let go of the DIY guilt and find something you love! Gather ideas for the women in your life and start crossing off your to-do list. I'm here to help you and I hope this does. It was an awful lot of fun shopping for handmade gift ideas to share! Thank you for encouraging my creative spark. You are the reason I continue to design and share. Thank you so much for being here.

Additional Gift Guide Suggestions 

Until next time my friend!

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  1. Beth S.

    I think I’ll just print this list out to show Santa! Love!

  2. Holly

    I think the little family and the succulent ring are my faves!!

  3. Carolina

    I have a lot of favorites!! Hared to choose one! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Lori

    Such fun ideas!! I adore the ring and the bath bombs!! But it’s hard to pick favorites they’re all so awesome!!

  5. Samantha Flores

    I love the handwriting bracelet! So simple and elegant looking. Handmade gifts are so precious.

  6. Gloria Grossi

    Are all of this handmade? I am having a hard time believing.

  7. TheKitchenDoc

    I love etsy…so many handmade choices there!

  8. Sarina Kinnunen

    This is such a great list of handmade gift ideas! My favorites are the Succulent ring and the bath bombs from Sunbasil Soap! I’m so ready for the holidays!

  9. Cris Silva

    I just love the accessory. The bracelet is a great gift… for me. hahaha. Love the idea to have the handwriting of someone that you care or love, and because is so delicate the shape of the bracelet makes it perfect.

  10. Chantel Elizabeth

    Sooo cute! I’ll definitely be checking the succulent llama ?

  11. Jill

    What a great list! I love handmade gifts from Etsy. I will be consulting this list for the upcoming holidays, for sure.

  12. tennismom miami

    I love handmade gifts, i feel they’re making a comeback. I try to crochet a Christmas ornament every year for some of my friends. I need to learn to make some of the ones in your list. And i love anything princess Kate wears:)

  13. Joan Narciso

    This is awesome! We really should support these creative entrepreneurs instead of just buying from huge malls and stores. It makes the gift giving more meaningful.


    This is a great selection I see a bunch of things that are great for the holidays!

  15. Tatianna Gabrielle Alvarez

    These are so fun and sweet ideas anyone would love!

  16. Jubilee Meyer

    I am obsessed with that apron! I have been wanting to get one for years, and I love the unique look of this:) Adding it to my wish list

  17. Julia Markle

    thanks for sharing some pocket friendly ideas 🙂

  18. tpokornacz

    I love your ideas about gifts, especially the bracelet and the ring are just gorgeous 😀

  19. Live Learn Better

    This are great ideas for gifts. My favorite is the mug

  20. Fiorella Heraldez Madsen

    Oh my God! the llama planter would be a gift for myself 😀 and the family portrait in wood would be a funny and cute gift for us in Christmas!

  21. Miranda

    I found a couple things that I plan to grab for gifts! I love how crafty some people are and then there are others like me how will support those crafters by buying lol!!

  22. Patricia-Ann Que

    what a great list you got here! i personally like shopping at etsy! so many unqiue and cool items there and one can personalize it too! actually that is the best part!

  23. Lori Goldman

    Everything Etsy is wonderful! And you discovered some great finds! I love it all! Great gifting ideas.

  24. SadiaMuneer

    These are such great ideas! The necklace and encouraging card from Rose Water Designs is my favourite! 🙂 I think that would be a nice gift to give it to your boss (if she is nice enough)!

  25. Shantanu

    Great article, Blog can get a lot of traffic from search engines, If SEO techniques applied strongly.

  26. Courtney Bouchard

    Is it awful that I want it all!? Looks like my hubby will be getting this list sent to him haha.

  27. Jill Nagle

    Thank you for the reminder–handmade gifts truly are special, and these are some of the most beautiful I’ve seen.

  28. Neil Alvin Nicerio

    Nice! My wife would surely love this. I hope I could get one for her.

  29. Beauty Me Please

    These ideas are perfect!

  30. Rel

    These are so cute!!! I think the apron would have to be my favorite!!! These are great ideas for gifts…more meaningful too! Thank you for sharing!


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