Halloween Cricut Craft Haunted Hollow SVG
September 24, 2019
White pumpkin with Cricut craft Haunted hollow svg

Halloween Cricut craft haunted hollow pumpkin

Halloween Cricut Craft Haunted Hollow + Free SVG

I absolutely love decorating for Halloween and making custom decor. This Cricut Craft Haunted Hollow with free SVG is no exception. This is not a sponsored post, although I hope I can get a few in future. I'm a big fan of Cricut, use my Explore Air 2 and Easy Press ALL the time to create awesome and unique party details. I hope you enjoy this quick tutorial for how to customize a plain white craft pumpkin.

Halloween Porch Decor 

Halloween porch decorated with skeletons and white pumpkins

My Halloween porch decor this year is fun. Lots of skeletons, very neutral in color, and the front a large blank white pumpkin. As soon as I placed it in the hands of our skeleton guard I knew it was destined for a sign of some sort.

Haunted Hollow Pumpkin

SVG file design welcome to the haunted hollow

I played around in Cricut Design Space, with some Halloween fonts I already own. Then added couple bats from the image library and laid out something that looked fun and felt just a little bit spooky.

If you need help with how to use Design Space, Cricut has a ton of awesome tutorials that really helped me when I first started using my electronic cutter. To get started on this project you'll need to gather up a few items:

Project Supplies:

Helpful Tools:

Cut Vinyl and Weed

Cricut craft haunted hollow svg

Get your black vinyl ready on a standard grip mat and send through to cut. After cutting use the weeding tool to remove the excess vinyl, leaving only the cut words. This process is called “weeding”.

*Be careful with the thin lettering. It has a tendency to want to pull up off the backing. 

Apply Transfer Tape

Cricut craft haunted hollow svg

After your image is ready to go measure a piece of transfer tape just slight larger than your image. Peel off the backing and line up over the top of your image. I love that this transfer tape has the grid. It makes lining up your projects so much easier!

White Craft Pumpkin Transformation

Skeleton holding white pumpkin

Here's my white pumpkin before. Don't you think it needed something!?

White pumpkin with Cricut craft Haunted hollow svg

Here's my white pumpkin after.

……except that I used the STRONG grip transfer tape {it's all I had at the moment} and I could NOT get the thin letters off.

*DO NOT use the strong tape on vinyl. It's meant for thicker materials and doesn't like to let go of the thin vinyl easily. 

After My Oops

Weeding vinyl Haunted Hollow

After my big oops I ran to Michaels to pick up a couple rolls of regular transfer tape. RECUT the small font and weeded it all over again.

Let's Try This Again

Haunted hollow vinyl for custom pumpkin

Now we're going to try this again! The standard transfer tape is sticky enough that the vinyl will come off the backing but not so sticky that it stays!

Apply Final Letters

Welcome to the haunted hollow pumpkin

Those grids I mentioned before come in so handy when trying to line things up. Especially in moments like this where you are filling in an existing design.

You would follow this same procedure if you wanted to change a color or texture in the design as well.

Why Share My Fail?

Now some of you may be thinking, “why even share the fail?” It's true – I could have just shown the finished product and kept that little oops to myself. But I figured if it helped just one person avoid the same mistake, then it's totally worth it!

I knew better, but I did it anyway and it did not turn out well. So just follow the directions and you'll be fine!

Proudly Display Your Cricut Craft Haunted Hollow Pumpkin!

Halloween Cricut craft haunted hollow pumpkin

Now that we're done you can display your newly customized pumpkin in the arms of a skeleton, atop a hay bale, or as the centerpiece to your Halloween party table. I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy Cricut Craft Haunted Hollow with SVG file. You can access it here via Design Space and create a few custom pumpkins of your very own.

If you make one of these pumpkins, or something else, I'd LOVE to see it!

Please follow us and tag @partieswithacause on Facebook and Instagram.

Halloween Cricut Crafts Projects

Jordan's Cricut project for us today are darling skull dinner party table cards perfect for your Halloween table. Then join us again tomorrow on Day 11 for our Full Halloween Tables.

Bone Appetit Table card for Halloween

If you’re just joining us on the 13 Days of Halloween Party Inspiration here’s what you missed:

Until tomorrow my friend,


  1. Beth

    Thanks for sharing! One of these days I’ll learn how to use a Circut! Nice pumpkin!

  2. Jennifer Digiacomo

    This is an excellent way to dress up a craft pumpkin! You could also add this vinyl to a variety of Halloween Decor like signage. Great idea!

  3. Susan-SugarPartiesLA

    It looks AMAZING girlie ! I never though about adding vinyl to my pumpkins. Here you go inspiring me again !

  4. Holly Hulke

    I wish I had a cool porch like this to go all out! Hoping to do a little something on my front steps! Love this!

  5. Jackie

    You’re really inspiring me to learn how to use my cricut more often!

  6. Jordan Hansen

    I love this SVG file and will definitely be using it this year! Thanks for sharing it 🙂

  7. Lori

    Love how this ultimately turned out!! And I love the oops!! It’s reality that sometimes we make mistakes and there’s usually a way to fix it!! Love that you shared that!!

  8. Nathalie - Press Print Party!

    I think it’s great to share our fails. We once made a pinata that could not be broken and I told everyone what not to do! It’s valuable.
    Nice pumpkin by the way.


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