Gnome Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas – How to Make a Magical Holiday
December 6, 2023
Believe in the magic of Christmas - Gnome Christmas tree decorating ideas

Gnome Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

A Gnome Christmas Tree? Um, yes please! I have a soft spot for the point hatted friends and decided to expand their territory from our Christmas Entry Way, and Gnome Party table and bring them to the Christmas TREE this year.

I think it was a fabulous decision. I made many of the small gnomes and purchased large and small gnomes once I realized how GIANT my tree really is. 😳 Let's see what you need and how easy it is to decorate a gnome Christmas tree of your very own…

Winter Woodland Gnome Christmas tree decorating ideas by Salt Lake City Party Stylist
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Christmas Tree Gnome Ornaments

Mini gnome ornament for bedroom Christmas tree

First, you'll need to decide how much you want to DIY for this tree. If you've got time and a desire to create gnome ornaments, start early and have so much fun! There are several ways to do this but my favorite is the No Sew Sock gnome with the pointy felt hat.

Bearded gnomes and furry ribbon - gnome Christmas tree decorating ideas

Start with a Woodland decoration base:

  • Birch ball ornaments
  • Birch bark ribbon
  • Pinecone picks
  • Pinecone garland
  • Snow dusted fir branch picks

Add Your Gnomes & Mushrooms

Once you realize you can't possibly make enough gnomes to fill a large tree, you can purchase a few more to make it nice and full.

Gnome Christmas Tree Decorations

Bearded gnomes and felt ball garlands - gnome Christmas tree decorating ideas

Before I add anything to my tree I like to place the Large ball ornaments INSIDE the tree. They are the perfect way to fill up those awkward spaces instead of trying to cover the holes from the outside.

Next add your garlands. Gotta love these little felt ball garlands from Trader Joes. I picked up 2 of them last time I was through and don't regret it a bit. This mitten garland is another find I snagged from Michaels a few seasons ago. Look around and see what you can find that feels cozy, magical, or woodland forest-ish.

Stick with a color palette like red, white, and gray and then fill in as you find fun things to add. Check out my original Winter Woodland Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas where this theme began….

Believe in the magic of Christmas - Gnome Christmas tree decorating ideas

After your garlands are placed, now add your picks. Use pinecone picks with frosty branches, and snow covered fir tree “cuttings” to add dimension and contrast to your green tree. If decorating a flocked white tree, this isn't a necessary step.

Finally add a large ribbon banner layered over the others. I found this “I believe in the magic of Christmas” and thought it perfect for my magical gnome Christmas tree decorations. If you aren't able to find it – you can make your own using iron-on vinyl and a Cricut cutting machine. Then simply iron your phrase onto a wide piece of ribbon. A 5″ burlap ribbon has worked very well for me in the past.

Christmas Tree Decorating with Gnomes

Believe in the magic of Christmas - Gnome Christmas tree decorating ideas

Once you've got your woodland decor and garlands all set, now it's time to add your gnomes!

Large Gnome Ornaments

Find sturdy branches with flat areas to place the 14″ standing gnomes. You can probably nestle them in and have them balance. But if you'd like to be sure they don't fall after a nudge, you can add a hook to the back of each hat and attach to a branch directly behind. I used (12) large gnomes on my 10 foot tall tree.

Since these aren't technically ornaments, use any extras to set around the house for a full gnome experience!

Small Gnome Ornaments

Use these little guys to fill in the spaces between the large gnomes. I used (20) small gnomes between what I purchased and what I made.

Lastly, use your mushroom ornaments to add a little fun color to any remaining open spots. I used (12) mushroom picks on my 10 foot tall tree.

Gnome Christmas Topper Decoration Idea

DIY Gnome tree topper on table by Salt Lake party stylist

When all is ready you've got to top your Gnome Christmas Tree with a Gnome Christmas topper of course! This is another one you can easily make, so I did. Find the simple Gnome Christmas Tree Topper Tutorial Here.

Christmas tree decorated with gnomes

This homemade Gnome Tree topper was the perfect ending to the perfect woodland Gnome Christmas tree!

Gnome Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Christmas gnome garden statue inside for decorating

Now that the tree is finished it doesn't hurt to add a few more gnomey details. How about this darling garden gnome with lantern I scored at the Smiths Marketplace Garden center!? So fun. And after Christmas he can live on my porch full-time. I'm all about multi-tasking.

The little sign is one from Dollar Tree and the fuzzy blanket happens to have the same pattern as the gnome hats on my tree! Total happy accident. I found the blanket at Smiths Marketplace too.

Believe in the magic of Christmas - Gnome Christmas tree decorating ideas

While you're at it, add a few fuzzy gifts and another cute lantern. Now your tree looks great all December long, even if there aren't any gifts under the tree yet. Oh and did I mention how much I LOVE my blanket ladder? It's usually stuffed with Minky Couture but I had to get a festive fuzzy blanket for the season.

Now that my gnomies are ready, what about you? Do you you'll try creating a gnome Christmas tree for your family? I highly recommend it! If you do try a gnome Christmas tree, I'd love to hear about it in the comments below. And if you share photos, I want to see it too! Please tag us @partieswithacause on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. We love celebrating all your hard work! 

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Design a Woodland gnome tree for Christmas with Salt Lake City Party Stylist

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