Feature Friday: Party Animals Birthday
March 3, 2017
Halfpint Design - The birthday boy loved it and that's the best part!

Feature Friday: Party Animals! | Halfpint Design - darling party animal cake created by Emily Knowles. Check out the rest of the darling jungle themed ideas.

Feature Friday: Party Animals Birthday

This party was done by Emily Knowles in Bountiful, Utah for her son's 2nd Birthday. And here she is to tell you all about it:

Hi all, I chose a Party Animals birthday theme for my son who loves all types of animals. From puppies to monkeys this boy is obsessed! So I figured why not? Instead of picking a specific animal I decided to incorporate them all.


Feature Friday: Party Animals birthday! | Halfpint Design - this party animal invite was perfect

The invite was from Etsy and I love how they turned out. My Sister in Law even painted the monkey from the invite for one of our activities. {How's that for a sis!?}


There were lots of things I liked about this party. Some of my most favorites were the location at a nearby park and the games which were “classic with twist”. But I am extremely proud of his cake.

Feature Friday: Party Animals birthday! | Halfpint Design - darling party animal cake created by Emily Knowles. Would work very well for a safari or jungle themed party also.

I took a cake decorating class back in college and I got to try my hand again at fondant. I also played around with the flavors. The bottom tier was chocolate with a funfetti buttercream in the center and the top was “Chunky Monkey” a banana cake with chocolate ganache and bananas in the middle.  It was delicious!  The cake even screamed Party Animal!


Feature Friday: Party Animals birthday! | Halfpint Design - This watermelon frog bowl was such a cute addition to the food table.

Our menu was simple but fun: We had sub sandwiches made into a snake, salads, chips and a frog fruit bowl. The food setup was adorable until the bees decided to attack it.  One of the hazards of being at the park, but well worth it! We covered everything up very quickly so I don't have a photo of the final food table.

Feature Friday: Party Animals birthday! | Halfpint Design - a snake sub sandwich is always a good idea! This was very similar to the one we had.

But this snake sandwich is very similar to what we served.


Feature Friday: Party Animals birthday! | Halfpint Design - an elephant pinata was super fun for everyone

What party is complete without an elephant pinata? All the kids loved it!

Feature Friday: Party Animals birthday! | Halfpint Design - the kids loved acting out an animal in their masks! Super funny when they didn't know what sound they made.

The kids put on masks and had to act like that animal. They were the best! Especially those who didn't know what sound that animal made. A true party animals birthday!

Feature Friday: Party Animals birthday! | Halfpint Design - Pin the hat on the party animal. This game is a great one even for the little kids.

Pin the party hat on the monkey. Our little ones did great with this! They all seemed to have fun, dressing up that awesome monkey.


I purchased small toy animals as favors but had the hardest time finding an affordable way to hand them out.  I finally settled on small bags of animal crackers and am really happy with the end result.

Feature Friday: Party Animals birthday! | Halfpint Design - animal crackers and tied with animal figures made a cute favor


Feature Friday: Party Animals birthday! | Halfpint Design - The birthday boy loved it and that's the best part!

This boy had so much fun which was honestly the best part. It didn't hurt that everyone else had fun too!  I loved having it at the park so I didn't need to stress about cleaning my house and I could just prep the party!  I also loved that I got the majority of my supplies from Amazon. That made it so much easier. You can find all the things I used to create my party animals birthday here:

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Feature Summary:

Thanks so much for sharing Emily! We love our Feature Friday families! The kids definitely had a great time at this Party Animals birthday. The activities were perfect for the younger crowd and the venue made it easy for the whole family to comfortably attend. Having a party at a local park is a great idea. It is often FREE! {Although I do recommend renting a pavilion during busy times} There's room for plenty of guests and the kiddos can run, scream, and play and it's OKAY! Plus you don't have to clean your house. Before OR after. Double bonus! Great job on the fondant Em. Now I need to sign up for a class. My daughter's birthday was Monday as some of you may have read. She said the blessing on her birthday dinner which went a little something like this, “and please bless Mommy to frost my cake well because she's not very good at it.” I think it's the first time I've ever been shamed via prayer! Cake tasted great…but I'm still working on my ninja frosting skills!

If you have a party you'd like us to consider featuring please check out our submissions page.

Until next time,

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  1. Dylan Peterson

    It’s good to know that you can use toy animals as party favors for parties that have a large focus on animals. My daughter is an animal lover, and she wants to have some live animals at her birthday party. We’ll be sure to look further into our options for getting toy animals for party favors to add a little extra to this party.


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