Roaring Monster Truck Party Plan
January 10, 2018
Monster Truck Party Plan now on Enjoius created by Halfpint Design.

Monster Truck Birthday Party Winner's Circle favor table. Monster Truck Party Plan now on Enjoius created by Halfpint Design.

Monster Truck Party Plan NOW on Enjoius

It’s been quiet here on Halfpint Design, and you might be thinking I’ve taken a 3-week holiday. {Which would have been fabulous!} Truth is, I’m working like crazy behind the scenes while also trying to enjoy Christmas and New Year’s with my family. I’m thrilled to announce a partnership with Enjoius Party Plans, and my first Monster Truck Party Plan.  Enjoius is the modern way to entertain with curated party designs, full party supply lists, free printable downloads, and expert planning and styling advice. As if that’s not enough, most of these plans are FREE of charge, for you dear reader.

Monster Truck Party Plan now on Enjoius created by Halfpint Design.

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Monster Truck Party Plan

It’s been an exciting time creating THREE party plans in the last 6 weeks on top of all the typical holiday bustle. The first one is now live and you can check out the full Monster Truck Party Plan here. If you’re a long time reader, you’ll recognize my son’s 5th birthday party from last summer but we’ve got it polished up and pulled together with easy DIY’s, step-by-step set up instructions, and a source list of absolutely everything you need to host this party with ease. The idea of an Enjoius party plan is providing all the tools you need to recreate it in ONE place.

Buffet Table Design

Monster Truck Party Food buffet. Monster Truck Party Plan now on Enjoius created by Halfpint Design.

You'll find links to absolutely everything you see in this image, or a good approximation if it's no longer available. The only thing you need to add is food. And I've got you covered there too with this Monster Truck Party Menu Ideas post. I love about that this versatile theme also works for race cars, motorcycles, ATV's, and even tractors. Your vehicle obsessed little one is sure to be impressed!

Monster Truck Winner's Circle

Monster Truck Party Winner's Circle favor table. Monster Truck Party Plan now on Enjoius created by Halfpint Design.

This favor table is a fun one that is easy to recreate with printables, party fans, and great party favors. You can find it all in the Enjoius Monster Truck Party Plan.

Monster Truck Party Games and Activities

Monster Truck Party activities, race track. Monster Truck Party Plan now on Enjoius created by Halfpint Design.

New Enjoius Tastemaker

So meet your new Enjoius Tastemaker! I'm Bri Adams and I'm thrilled to put on another party hat creating professional party plans!! If you aren’t familiar with Enjoius, you just might fall in love! They provide plans for every holiday, occasion, and many party themes. Children’s parties, adult parties, family gatherings…you name it, they have it. I’m honored to be working with them and can’t wait to share my Big Game Football Party and Royal Valentine's Party plans as soon as they are published!

If you like what you see, pin it for later and share it with a friend! The more people that check it out, the better Enjoius thinks I am,{wink} and they'll let me create more parties!

Big Game Kickoff Football Party – just in time for the Super Bowl!

Enjoius Party Plans - Football Party created by Bri Adams at Halfpint Design.

Queen of Hearts Valentine’s Party

This Queen of hearts art is a simple way to step up your Valentine game. Use it as Valentine's mantel decor, as part of a royal valentine photo booth, or an Alice in Wonderland party. At Halfpint Design

Party Planning Mind Shift 

Now I feel like I need to add a note here. When I first started blogging I felt like styled parties were cheating. It didn’t seem quite fair to have a team of people setting up a perfect party that none of us could ever live up to. Right!? I know you’ve felt that when perusing Pinterest, because I sure have. Now that I’ve been blogging for nearly a year {Where did the time go!?} I understand WHY people style parties. As a blogger, my event calendar is quite different from yours. In order for my Valentine images to be seen in the Pinterest feed in time for Valentine’s Day, when they can actually help a few people out, I need to have my party done, photographed, and published in late December.

To Stage or Not to Stage

Now I don’t know about your friends, but mine don’t want to attend a Valentine’s party before year is even out! So for some of these plans, I design and set up the party, like I would the real thing, and take photos without worry of guests arriving at any moment. It allows for better photography, time to complete details, and a better plan for you. Then I pack it up and put it all back together 6 weeks later when I host the real party. Is that cheating? Maybe. But it’s a necessary component of party life that I’m starting to understand. So I have to take back what I said before.

I think this "Pop a wheelie" might have been the favorite! It definitely was the first activity all the guests did. Monster truck activity party theme

Some of my parties will be staged, others will be real life and messy, but it will always be genuinely ME. I, alone, am creating these events. There is no team….at least not yet. I simply design events out of love, and a desire to serve. Thank you so much for allowing me to do what I love and supporting this crazy dream!

What’s your crazy dream for this year!? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to help support you too.

Until next time,

Halfpint Design, personal headshot, Bri Adams


  1. Lori

    So much monster fun packed into this one!! I just love it!! Congrats on the party plan!!

  2. Carolina

    I am such in love with all the stations you created and the theme is one of those that will be around forever!!

  3. Susan

    Bri. I just love this party !!! All the details are perfect ! My boys love Monster Trucks so this is definitely saved safely in my pins ? !


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