Dollar Store Halloween Decor Porch Ghosts
September 14, 2020
Dollar Store Halloween Decor Porch Ghosts by Salt Lake Party Stylist

Dollar Store Halloween Decor: How to Make Porch Ghosts

Dollar store Halloween decor makes me happy! I mean who doesn't love saving money on cute Halloween porch decorations? I sure do!!

What makes me ESPECIALLY happy is knowing how much I saved by knocking off the darling metal porch ghosts from Grandin Road! So if you don't want to DIY it, you can buy it here. But I like that I only spent $10 doing it myself!

DIY Dollar Store Decor Halloween ghosts by Salt Lake Party Stylist

13 Days of Halloween Inspiration

It’s DAY 2 of our 13 Days of Halloween inspiration and today we’ve got DOLLAR STORE HALLOWEEN DECOR. Jordan from Jordan's Easy Entertaining and I are bringing you great ideas everyday! These foam core ghosts make the perfect decorations for a Halloween porch! And don't forget to join us each day for more fun Halloween menu, craft, decor, and tablescape ideas.

Dollar Store Halloween Decor Supplies

You can get EVERYTHING you need for this project at the dollar store. But since stock is sometimes limited I'll also show you alternative options in case you can't find it.

Dollar Store Supplies

  • White foam core (4 sheets)
  • Black foam core (2 sheets)
  • Buffalo check and Black 2.5″ wired Ribbon for edges {ribbon alternative}
  • Buffalo check wrapping paper or patterned shelf liner {paper alternative}
  • Black poster board (1 sheet) for eyes and mouth {see alternative below}
  • Craft glue

At Home Craft Tools

Print and Trace Pattern

Ghost pattern being traced onto white foam core

Print your patterns, trim the pages and tape them together. OR if you're in a hurry and don't mind spending the money, print the full size patterns as poster images at Costco or Walgreens. Either way cut them out and trace them onto your sheets of foam core.

You need the bottom of your ghost to be flat so it'll stand up. So make sure you line the pattern up with the bottom edge of the foam core sheet. This pattern in the image is curling up so it doesn't look like it's lined up. But it is!

  • The LARGE ghost takes a full sheet of foam core
  • The MEDIUM ghost takes 2/3 sheet of foam core
  • The SMALL ghost only takes a 1/2 sheet of foam core
  • Save your scraps – you'll use them for the edges!


Cutting ghost out of foam core

After everything is traced, use a sharp xacto blade to cut your ghosts out. Make sure to have a few extra blades on hand. I replaced my blade twice to keep the cuts nice and clean.

Cut & Score Sides Strips

Scoring foam core strip with xacto knife

Now that you've got your front it's time to cut the sides. Measure several long 3″ strips and cut them with a straight edge.

Now using that same straight edge score the foam core every 3/4″ so the strip will bend and form around the ghost shape. BE CAREFUL NOT TO CUT ALL THE WAY THROUGH. You only want to cut the top layer of paper and foam.

Gluing paper ghost Dollar Store Halloween Decor

Once your strips are scored, use your fingers to pop each seam to create a flexible side. Then carefully add a bead of hot glue to the edge of your ghost and apply sides a section at a time. Work all the way around your ghost.

I only added sides around the outside edges and glued them to a base piece of foam core for extra stability. You are welcome to add sides all the way along the wavy bottom as well. It'll just be a little more work.

Trace & Cut Front

adding patterned paper to front of porch ghost

Now that your ghost body is all put together turn it over and trace the final shape onto your face material, shelf liner, wrapping paper, fabric, etc.

Carefully cut erring on the side of generosity. You don't want to end up with crooked white edges. Start installing at the straight flat base pieces and work your way up.

Once the face material is affixed you can lay it face down one more time and trim up any extra material on the edges with your xacto knife.

Glue Ribbon to Sides

Now that the face material is on it's time to finish off the sides. Using your hot glue gun, run a bead of glue on each side where it meets the face. Line up your ribbon to follow that seam, trying not to get any glue on the face.

Run the ribbon all the way around and glue to the bottom.

Add Eyes to Halloween Porch Ghosts

Dollar Store Halloween Decor Porch Ghosts by Salt Lake Party Stylist

Cut the eyes and mouth from your pattern to create paper or vinyl eyes and mouth. Affix to face and admire your handiwork! The vinyl sticker is easier to install but paper works great if you don't have any extra vinyl laying around.

DIY Dollar Store Halloween Decor

Dollar Store Halloween Decor Porch Ghosts by Salt Lake Party Stylist

I love it when a plan comes together! And while these little guys took a few minutes to make, they turned out exactly as I'd hoped. To keep them stable on the porch you'll want to glue them to a strip of black foam core {or white if it looks better on your porch}.

WARNING: Please note. Because this knocked off version of the porch ghosts are made of paper, if you live in a snowy or rainy late fall climate, I recommend giving them a home INSIDE near the fireplace. 😉 I will probably be moving mine in soon.

Halloween Porch Decor – Complete the Look

Dollar Store Halloween Decor Porch Ghosts by Salt Lake Party Stylist

For the full effect you'll want to add a wreath and garland around your door, a welcome mat, and a few pieces like lanterns and pumpkins on the other side of your entryway.

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Dollar Store Decor Halloween Ghosts by Salt Lake Party Stylist

Day 2 Dollar Store Halloween Decor

Witch themed Dollar Tree halloween wreath

Do you think you're ready to tackle this darling Witch Themed DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Wreath DIY from Jordan's Easy Entertaining? We are really loving the expanded craft selection at Dollar Tree lately. If you haven't been….you really should go check it out.

Day 3: Then join us again tomorrow for great ideas on Halloween Crafts for Kids

Additional Halloween Craft Ideas


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