Cooking Camp: How to Easy Baking Recipes for Kids
July 22, 2020
Hands prepare dough during cooking camp activity this summer

How to Plan a Cooking Camp for Summer

No matter your age, there's never a bad time to learn how to bake. It is a great skill to have, not only is it fun, but the results are delicious. Knowing how to plan a Cooking Camp for summer is a great way to teach kids a love of cooking.

Baking is a great skill for kids, that they'll use their entire lives. Kids also learn useful math and chemistry lessons from measuring proportions and how the ingredients react to each other.

Cooking Camp supplies flour, rolling pin, whisk, eggs, and cookie cutters

How to Plan a DIY Cooking Class for Summer Camp

Hosting your own cooking class for a summer camp requires proper planning. You need the proper equipment, recipes, fun activities, curriculum and a place to host. In addition, you will need to determine the cost of camp based on all necessary supplies.

Most camps will meet anywhere from one to four weeks, for around four to five hours every day. When hosting your own summer camp, you'll want less than 10 kids per day. This allows you to give each child the attention they need.

Where to Host The Cooking Camp

The camp should be hosted somewhere with adequate kitchen space, so the children have plenty of room. This can be done in your own home kitchen or even a friend’s house. You could even get a small group of fellow parents together and host in a different house every day.

Getting the Equipment

You want to make sure you will have all the proper equipment to ensure the kids can bake everything. This will include mixing cups, bowls, utensils, ingredients, pans, and aprons. If you don’t think you have enough equipment, you can have kids work together in pairs.

Set the stage by giving child an apron and chef hat and add some chef signage to make it fun and easy to find.

Planning Cooking Camp Activities

The kids should bake at least one thing each day. Be sure to include a wide variety of foods to try. The more children are expose to different foods the more adventurous their their eating will be.

In addition to baking, include other interesting educational activities such as: apron decorating, a trip to the farmer’s market, or food science experiments.

Choosing the Recipes

Hands prepare dough during cooking camp activity this summer

It is key to have a good variety in the recipes you choose, as it will allow kids to learn about different aspects of baking. **Just be sure to check if any of the kids have food allergies or dietary restrictions before planning the menu.** You should include sweet, savory, and healthy recipes. This can include recipes such as banana cake, soft pretzels, and healthy fruit pizza.

Cookies and cupcakes are also great for kids to make because they are great for decorating, which allows kids to get creative. Especially when you can show them that cutting down on the sugar in recipes can still taste delicious!

Giving them choices and allowing the kids to pick some of the recipes they are going to make will increase their engagement and improve learning. Make sure all the recipes are clear and walk through each step together so they can understand them fully.

Summer Fun 

A DIY cooking class for summer camp is a great way to get kids interested in baking. They will take their new found skills through their entire lives. Not only will they have fun learning, but love eating what they've made.

You can host a cooking camp for just your family, or open it up to a wider audience as safety allows. If you treat it like a special occasion even the most mundane cooking task can be transformed into a Cooking Class for budding chefs!

If you bake with your kids or host a cooking camp I'd love to see it and if you do, please share and tag us @partieswithacause on FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest. We love seeing all your hard work! 

And join us for Summer os 2021 where we can learn to cook together with our virtual baking classes during Chef Week of our At-Home Summer Camp!

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How to host a summer cooking camp for kids by Salt Lake Party Stylist

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  1. Natalie Mayhew

    What a great skill to learn as a kid! A lifetime of joy!

    • Brianna Adams

      My kids love cooking with me SO much but it’s hard to have them “helping” during dinner so this is a really fun way to teach them when there’s no meal deadline. Such an important life skill – I agree.

  2. Lori

    A healthy cooking class for kids is an adorable idea! My daughter loves to bake already!

    • Brianna Adams

      It’s such a great learning experience isn’t it? I love to cook with my kids (unless it’s for dinner or something special!) when we can just relax and enjoy the journey. All 3 of kiddos are interested in the kitchen and the garden which makes them WAY more likely to try different foods.

  3. Nathalie - Press Print Party!

    I think if we start teaching our kids to cook healthier treats they will keep that skill for a lifetime!

    • Brianna Adams

      I agree! It’s how I was raised and I don’t love a lot of the junk food things that my hubby does. I am hoping to be able to balance him out with my kids so they actually enjoy eating healthy foods.😂


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