Top Party Trends from 2018 – Trend 1 Nature Inspired Themes
January 4, 2019
Cactus cupcake toppers for a cactus fiesta, a top party trend theme
Top Party trends with the hottest nature inspired themes

Top Party Trends… with an dozen hot theme ideas

Every year we look ahead to what is new. To help you stay on top of all the Top Party Trends we've got a 4-part series for you. Several existing trends are being built on and continue into the New Year, while a few old ideas are making a comeback with updated appeal. We also see a few classic themes re-imagined with fresh new graphic appeal. First we'll discover our important tie to nature then join us next week for our next installment on No theme design!

Top Party Trend #1: Nature continues its allure.

This top party trend explores the humans attraction to nature. Modern man and woman are becoming more shut off than ever to mother nature. An article in Stanford Research Magazine  discusses the link between how we feel and our relationship with nature.

“Just as urbanization and disconnection from nature have grown dramatically, so have mental disorders such as depression.”

It's no wonder with ever higher cases of social anxiety, isolation, loneliness, and depression that we seek to immerse ourselves in nature in any way we can. Reintroducing nature in our lives can be as easy as taking a walk in the park, buying a potted palm, or hosting an outdoor party. That gives ME a reason to celebrate! What about you? These next 5 party themes all revolve around the outdoors. Several have had strong appeal for years, but I'm telling you there's no end in sight. So grab some moss, a few pine cones, and throw a party in nature!

Lumberjack Party theme:

This fun idea hit the scene after buffalo plaid hit the runways. We've already seen lumberjack baby showers and birthday parties. How much more fun can we have with this theme? I'm guessing…a lot.

Top Party Trends for 2017. Trend 1: Still loving nature...lumberjack, camping, glamping, woodland, fairy garden, cactus. | Halfpint Design - How cute is this little lumberjack?! Adorable.

How darling is this little guy in a first birthday lumberjack photo shoot by Heidi Helser Photography!? 

A bead is just a hug for your face sign for a lumberjack party. A top party trend.

Move over mustache….beards are the real deal. Nearly every male I know over the age of 30 {but under the age of 60?} has one! This “beard is really just a hug for your face” printable is a great addition to a lumberjack party. Because every good lumberjack has a beard.

A lumberjack baby shower in perfectly on point for a top party trend

Lumberjack must haves: buffalo plaid, pine trees, wood slices, and Timberland boots! This baby shower from Sugar Fettish Cakes featured on Jordan's Easy Entertaining has it ALL!

* For more Lumberjack birthday party ideas see my Lumberjack Party Pinterest board.

Camping and Glamping Party themes:

These party themes bring a little more structure to nature. We love parties designed around campfires, tents, hikes, smores {of course}, and maybe even some fishing. There's an overlap with the lumberjack theme in some of the details, but a camping/glamping party is always an adventure! Never heard of glamping? Glamping is defined as “glamorous camping”. It's a way to experience the outdoors without sacrificing luxury. Think tented cabins with indoor plumbing and real beds. {That's my kind of camping!} Lots of fun either way you go.  

Top Party Trends for 2017. Trend 1: Still loving nature...fairy garden, lumberjack, camping, glamping, woodland, cactus. | Halfpint Design - Beautiful indoor glamping party

Host the camping party outside in a tent or create one indoors like Party Inspiration

Welcome to CAMP party table. Camping theme top party trend

Then totally bring it home with camping inspired eats like wrapped hot dogs, trail mix, ants on a log, and sliders from August Lace.

Campfire cake for a camping or lumberjack birthday party a top party trend

Every camping party MUST have a camp fire. If you're worried about a blazing fire with the little ones, this campfire cake from Hallmark is the perfect solution.

* For more Camping birthday party ideas see my Camping Fishing Party Pinterest board.

Fairy Garden Party theme:

Outdoor tea parties with fairies have been all the rage and will stay hot well into the future. What's not to love with the whimsical decor and magic fairy dust? It's also very easy to turn this into a Trolls themed party if your child insists on the latest movie craze.

Tree stumps with moss and flower pots with toad stool favors for top party trends

Moss and toadstools are must haves for any fairy garden. How darling are these favors from Lori at Giggle Living?

Fairy woodland table display is a top party trend

Create a magical wonderland with greenery and lots of mushrooms like this table from What You Make It.

* For more Fairy birthday party ideas see my Fairy Garden Party Pinterest board.

Woodland party theme:

The woodland style has moved indoor to nursery and clothing design. Keep the party indoor or out with this classic party theme that appeals to all ages!

Top Party Trends for 2017. Trend 1: Still loving nature...fairy garden, lumberjack, camping, glamping, woodland, cactus. | Halfpint Design - Cute woodland party animals

The woodland party has lots of overlap with the fairy garden party like mushrooms, moss, wood, and forest elements. The key difference here is the addition of darling woodland creatures. This table from Mints and Honey has loads of cute animals hiding among the treats.

Top Party Trends for 2017. Trend 1: Still loving nature...fairy garden, lumberjack, camping, glamping, woodland, cactus. | Halfpint Design - Moss cupcakes

How cute are these moss and mushroom cupcakes I found at Catch My Party? Display them on a wood slice stand and you've set the forest tone. You can create this look by using a large stand and medium stand stacked on top of each other, or by stacking wood slices like these on moss wrapped spacers.

mason jar luminary with moss and butterfly for woodland party a top party trend

How sweet are these simple centerpieces with moss and fairy lights from What You Make It?

* For more woodland birthday party ideas see my Woodland Party Pinterest board.

Desert Cactus party theme:

Cactus themed parties hit hard last year and they are just getting better! A theme that works equally well as a birthday party or baby shower. It's also been a fresh take on a South of the border event like Cinco de Mayo, or a classic Mexican Fiesta. 

Top Party Trends for 2017. Trend 1: Still loving nature...fairy garden, lumberjack, camping, glamping, woodland, cactus. | Halfpint Design - Cactus 1st birthday party

Darling 1st birthday party with a fabulous cactus backdrop by 100 Layer Cake. 

Cactus themed party display with balloon cactus for a top party trend

I fell in love with this soft color palette of greens and pinks first but then am blown away by the artistry of the balloon cactus! Carolina of Mint Event Design created an amazing fiesta here.

Cactus cupcake toppers for a cactus fiesta, a top party trend theme

And because we loved that Cino de Mayo party so much….we all need to know how to make these amazing cupcake toppers with this DIY also from Mint Even Design.

* For more cactus or desert themed birthday party ideas see my Cactus Desert Rose Party Pinterest board.

I love all of these nature inspired party themes. Which of these top party trends are your favorite? Is it nature? Or will pattern, color, or culture be your favorite? To find out keep reading…

More Party Trends

Until next time my friend!


  1. Tyler Johnson

    That’s a cool idea to do a camping themed party. My dad loves to go camping so I’m sure that he would like things like the campfire cake. I’ll have to consider getting some decorations similar to that for his party.


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